Achievements of April 2020

Welcome to our new blog post series in which we summarize the top news, updates, and achievements of Lisk on a monthly basis. This post will be published on the last Wednesday of each month. If you are an avid follower of our social media channels you will likely have seen those already. However, here you will receive more details about each of them. Help us spread the word by retweeting them to let more people know about what we are working on.


Lisk SDK 4.0.0 Alpha Testing Concluded

The Lisk platform development team has concluded the alpha testing for the Lisk SDK 4.0.0. This major milestone successfully implements the Network Economics and Network Consensus phase of the Lisk protocol roadmap consisting of 11 LIPs.

That means the next iteration of our Betanet comes with the following improvements:

  • 500% scalability increase for regular transactions
  • new dynamic fee system
  • new and improved multi-signature solution
  • upgraded consensus algorithm (Lisk DPoS 2.0)

    - with a changed voting system
    - with an incentivization model for standby delegates
    - with a punishment for protocol violations by delegates
    - with a fair delegate scheduling process
  • option to invalidate broadcasted transactions to prevent them from being confirmed in the network

Our next step is to implement the corresponding user interfaces for all the new features in Lisk Desktop. Once that’s done, we will move forward with the preparation of the new Betanet 4.0.0.

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Lisk 1.25.0 for Desktop Released

From the Lisk user interface development team, Lisk 1.25.0 for Desktop was released on April 21st. This version supports the current Betanet 3.0, dynamically loads new blocks, and transactions as soon as they become available and is able to send push notifications.

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The Most Actively Developed Blockchain Project on GitHub

Huobi Research and Blockfyre analyzed that Lisk was the most actively developed blockchain project on GitHub in the 14th calendar week. Other prominent GitHub comparison websites report similar results, for example on CryptoMiso Lisk is consistently ranked in the top three for any time period.

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Two New LIPs Proposed on the Research Forum

The Lisk research team proposed two LIPs on the Research forum for the protocol roadmap objective: “Introduce decentralized re-genesis”. This objective will be implemented in the Network Longevity phase. 

This LIP defines a new block asset schema that allows to specify an initial state of accounts and an initial delegate list. It also specifies how such a block is processed.

This LIP defines how a unique snapshot block can be computed from the Lisk mainnet blockchain up to a certain height.

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Lisk Blockchain for Enterprises

Launched the Lisk Enterprise Portal

We launched the Lisk Enterprise portal on announcing our aspiration to collaborate with enterprises on developing proof of concept blockchain applications and to learn more about their business requirements. We created an entry point to educate about the benefits of blockchain technology, to showcase how it can be applied in several industries, and to illustrate how Lisk can support enterprises to develop blockchain applications. 

If you are a small or medium-sized enterprise and interested in exploring blockchain technology or developing a proof of concept blockchain application with the Lisk SDK, feel free to contact us!

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Website Improvements and Updates

During the last few months new pages were added to the Lisk website and updates were made on the existing ones. Therefore, we have published a blog post presenting an overview of the recent website improvements we have worked on. Most important ones are listed below:

  • The Bug Bounty program page covers submission guidelines, a clear overview of different levels of severity, and their corresponding rewards.
  • The Lisk Builders program page presents a set of guidelines and step-by-step procedures to be followed by candidates applying for a one-time grant for their proof of concepts.
  • The Network page showcases all the characteristics of the Lisk network and its attributes.
  • The Apps page highlights the proof of concept blockchain applications built by our community using the Lisk SDK.
  • The Contact flow consists of a custom-built user interface which branches out to different parts of our website and guides the user to the right resources to get their questions answered.

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Lisk Ranks 4th in CCID Assessment

In the latest public blockchain technology assessment released by The Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID), under China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Lisk ranks in fourth place amongst 37 other projects. This assessment was made based on three different categories: basic technology, applicability, and creativity. 

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Announcement of the Monthly Community Hero

Jurre Machielsen ( username: @Jurre | Moosty), part of the multidisciplinary project team Moosty and also responsible for Lisk Center Utrecht in the Netherlands, was announced to be the Community Hero of the month. His continuous efforts in engaging the community online and offline, as well as the hard work in coordinating the Lisk Center are highly appreciated. 

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Lisk Builders program

Three New Participants in the Lisk Builders Program

This month we selected three new participants for the Lisk Builders program. First project receiving the grant is led by Michiel Mulders ( username: @michielmulders) and Tom Ploem ( username: @endro). Their project “The Arcado Network'' intends to provide a generic API for enabling decentralized gaming with the Lisk SDK.

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The second project participating in the Lisk Builders program for March 2020 is conducted by Caspar Roelofs ( username: @CasparGimly). His project “Chip-to-chain” intends to securely connect physical objects and digital blockchains. In this proof of concept, he is planning to use a new type of microchip (NFC chip) attached to a pharmaceutical package. The goal for this project is to make use of Lisk custom transactions for autonomous solutions such as packages paying for their own transport and handling.

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