Achievements of August 2022

Every month the Lisk team provides a recap of the most important news, updates, and developments in a single, convenient blog post. This month, the LSK token was listed on Binance US, Lisk was featured in several articles from Benzinga, an AMA was hosted by Max Kordek on Reddit, and much more.

LSK Listed on Binance.US

LSK is now available for trading on Binance.US! This is another opportunity for those who reside in the United States to purchase the LSK token.


Trading began on August 24th. There are two pairs available at this time:

Lisk x Binance Learn & Earn campaign is now live!

Lisk has been added to the Binance Learn & Earn program. This not only allows users to learn all about the Lisk platform, but also acts as an incentive to earn some LSK tokens to hold and trade as they do.


For the full announcement of the addition on Binance, read here.

Lisk Featured in Benzinga Articles

Lisk was prominently featured in many articles from Benzinga last month. In total, 5 articles where released that focused on Lisk and its plans for Web3 adoption:

New Articles for the Blockchain Interoperability Series

Last month a new series of blog posts centered around blockchain interoperability was started. In August, two new articles were released:

Reddit AMA with Max Kordek

On Friday, August 5th, Max Kordek, Lisk’s CEO and Co-Founder, hosted an AMA on the Lisk Reddit page. The Lisk community prepared a variety of questions for him which he answered throughout the day.


The entire AMA may also be viewed on Recap Blog Post prepared for easier access to the Lisk community.

Lisk on CoinMarketCap Community

The Lisk community is spread across multiple platforms. This includes (Discord), Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, and others. This has now expanded onto a new platform, CoinMarketCap Community, which was announced earlier this month.


The Lisk team is excited to further share articles, latest Lisk news, and more on this new channel.

New Lisk Events Announced

Several Lisk events have been announced for the month of September:

For a list of both past and upcoming Lisk events, please visit our Lisk Events page.

Naureen Mustafa Discussed Defi with Cryptonews

Cryptonews recently published an article on what DeFi has to offer besides lending for speculation on crypto. Several industry experts were asked for their thoughts, including Lisk’s Head of Exchange Development, Naurenn Mustafa. Naureen was able to share how she felt that DeFi is now starting to transform the real estate, insurance, crowdfunding, and other sectors of industry.

Max Quoted on Recent Web3 News

Max Kordek thoughts on recent Web3 news were shared on numerous media outlets. This includes the news surrounding the Solana network having around 8,000 wallets hacked, with millions of dollars worth of crypto lost. Other news is related to the upcoming Ethereum merge controversy.


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