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Achievements of June 2020

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5 Closed Epics of Lisk SDK 5.0.0

So far, 6 epics of Lisk SDK 5.0.0 were closed. 5 of them were closed in June 2020. With that 8 epics remain to be implemented.

1. Updated address and ID system

The entire address and ID system was updated. Account initializations will not be required and collisions will be nearly impossible. More details about the 8 issues of this epic can be found on GitHub.

2. PostgreSQL replaced by embedded database

PostgreSQL was replaced by an embedded database in order to reduce the complexity for the Lisk SDK user, to optimize database storage size, and to improve the processing speed. The current most promising candidates are RocksDB and LevelDB. More details about the 12 issues of this epic can be found on GitHub.

3. Added delegate banning mechanism

A banning mechanism was added in order to prevent unproductive delegates from forging. The motivation for including the fail safe mechanism can be found in the Delegate Productivity section of the LIP0023. This also completes the Lisk DPoS 2.0 consensus algorithm. More details about the 3 issues of this epic can be found on GitHub.

4. Implemented lisk-codec

Lisk-codec, a generic serialization library to encode and decode data for communication and storage, was implemented. More details about the 42 issues of this epic can be found on GitHub.

5. Removed undo steps for transaction types

Previously, when a new transaction type was implemented it always also needed to contain the logic to undo its actions, in case of a blockchain rollback. Due to our deterministic lisk-codec library and the switch to an embedded database, amongst others, this can now happen automatically. Now for any state change the difference is being calculated and stored, so that in case of a blockchain rollback it can be retrieved to go back to the previous state. More details about the 9 issues of this epic can be found on GitHub.

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Improved Lisk Documentation UI 

The User Interface for the Lisk documentation was improved with the goal of providing the users the best experience when working with the Lisk SDK and the documentation. Therefore, we refined the top, left and right navigation, the footer, the general style and the overall composition of elements.  

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Multisignature Accounts Improvements

We published a blog post showcasing an overview of the main improvements related to multisignature accounts introduced in the Network Economics phase of the Lisk Protocol Roadmap and implemented in Lisk SDK 4.0.0

On Thursday, June 18th, we hosted a live AMA on where Maxime Gagnebin (Research Scientist) answered questions from the community members about multisignature accounts. 

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Building the Decentralized Organization Chain Project

Korben3 published on the Lisk blog a post about the Decentralized Organization Chain project as part of his participation in the Lisk Builders program for April 2020.

His project “Decentralized Organization Chain” intends to be a blockchain application allowing startups to receive funding and investors to influence company decisions.

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Building the Chronicler Project

StellarDynamic published on the Lisk blog a post about the Chronicler project as part of his participation in the Lisk Builders program in 2019.

His project consists of a proof of concept blockchain application to store, audit or verify various types of content. 

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Announcement of the Monthly Community Hero

CryptoEmbassy ( username: @Crypto_Embassy) was announced as the Community Hero of the month. Their continuous contribution to the Lisk project, as well as their support as Ambassadors of Lisk in France are highly appreciated. 

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Two New Participants in the Lisk Builders Program

This month we selected two new participants for the Lisk Builders program. The first project receiving the grant is led by Lemii ( username: @lemii). His project aims to be a blockchain application that will track the history and life path of valuable items.

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The second project participating in the Lisk Builders program for May 2020 is conducted by Peter Nobels ( username: @Peter Nobels). His project is a proof of concept for a decentralized autonomous organisation.

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Lisk Added to Piixpay  

The Lisk token has been added to Piixpay, a crypto start-up from Estonia. It facilitates a simple conversion service that allows users to exchange LSK to Euro and to send them directly to a bank account.

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Introduced the Lisk Center Tokyo

With the former Elite Center being closed since May, we decided to search for a reliable alternative to offer our community a place to meet. Due to their professionalism, we decided to move the Lisk Center Tokyo to BINARYSTAR business hub. Read more about the Lisk Center Tokyo in the blog post. In order to make Lisk even more accessible and move closer to the local community, we have also translated our What is Lisk page in Japanese. The purpose of this one page is to provide the most relevant information about Lisk in a concise manner. 

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What is Lisk page

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