Lisk Grant Program Wave 3 Welcoming Idntty, RGB, And Neatbox

Lisk Grant Program Wave 3 Successful Participants At Lisk, we strive to support and incentivize developers and blockchain enthusiasts in building valuable blockchain applications for the Lisk Ecosystem. Our easy and accessible SDK, the HackOnLisk hackathons, as well as the Lisk Grant Program (with 1,200,000 CHF funding in total) – are all intended to bolster and facilitate creativity and entrepreneurship. The end goal is clear – the creation of exciting blockchain solutions that we can all benefit from!


So after the success of the Wave 2 of our Grant Program, we are proud to announce the next startups that will receive our support and funding through set milestones. Let’s take a look at:


  • Idntty - A digital identity security solution.
  • RGB Your Place - A community driven NFT creation project.
  • Neatbox - A cloud storage solution.

Idntty - a digital identity security solution



Digital identity and data security are subjects which have concerned blockchain developers for many years now. Idntty offers an open, public, cryptographic solution that people can use for e-signatures and digitized proof of identity.


Check out Idntty’s website and keep up with their developments through their Twitter, Medium, GitHub, and Discord channels.

RGB: Your Place - a community driven NFT creation project



This active NFT development platform allows users to create NFTs as a community. RGB users are invited to add pixels to a blank canvas over a two week period. After two weeks the canvas is uploaded in its final state as an NFT and auctioned off. Users are randomly chosen and awarded 95% of the tokens to share as a reward.


Based on an online experiment, r/place on Reddit, creators Terence Marks and Boban Stojanovski believe tokenomics could cultivate a thriving community of digital artists.


Find RGB on Twitter, Medium, GitHub, or check out their website for more info.

Neatbox - a cloud storage solution



Neatbox is a cloud storage solution built on the Lisk network. The project uses IPFS chain for data storage facilitation and Lisk as a way of connecting it through sidechain technology. Neatbox offers a unique way to store, sell, and send data.


Neatbox hardware has an added benefit of instant access to memory stored on-chain. Owning this memory hardware comes with the opportunity to gain tokens from ownership and shared storage of data through subscription fees.


You can follow Neatbox on their Twitter channel to get all the updates you need.

Stay inspired!

We have just finished the current edition of the Lisk Grant Program.


There was a great spike in enthusiasm during the last wave and we are always excited to bring in new projects. We will be announcing the successful participants of the latest wave soon. If you have big ideas that combine blockchain and JavaScript, keep going! The future is bright and we look forward to growing the Lisk network alongside ambitious development teams.


We are preparing the next iteration of the Lisk Grant Program, which we will announce soon. Stay up-to-date with all things Lisk through our Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Reddit, YouTube, and GitHub.


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