The New Lisk Docs

The Lisk Documentation has recently been upgraded. This includes new sections for a more personalized user experience, easier navigation for increased accessibility and productivity, and a better UI that is more visually appealing. Below is a summary of some of the most important changes you can find.

Homepage Sections

Brand new on the Documentation Homepage are pathways for users to navigate, depending on their needs. The pathways are Understanding Blockchain, Build Blockchain, Run blockchain, and Integrate Blockchain.

Documentation Homepage

Understanding Blockchain

This section serves as an introduction to not only the Lisk network, but also blockchain as a whole. It introduces users to common terms and concepts, such as consensus protocols, blockchain architecture, and the difference between blockchain applications & dApps.


This section will be broken down even further in the near future to better accommodate Lisk users.

Build Blockchain

This section is geared towards blockchain developers who wish to build their own blockchain application on the Lisk network. By guiding them through specific parts of a “Hello World” application, users will learn how to create new modules, assets, genesis blocks, and more. They will also be shown how to configure their blockchain application.

Run Blockchain

These guides are mainly for node operators and delegates. They start off with a guide on how to set up a Lisk Core node, followed by multiple forging guides for both Mainnet and Testnet. There are additional guides on practices for protecting your nodes, as well as setting up a Lisk Service node.

Integrate Blockchain

The integrating blockchain section is for those who wish to interact with the blockchain in some way, but may not necessarily wish to run their own node(s). This could be used for exchanges, tool creators, etc. This section gives guides on how to create a transaction, how to send it to the network, how to decoding & encoding data, and more.

Dark Mode

Users can now enjoy reading through the Lisk Documentation in dark mode. By simply clicking the moon in the top right corner, users can switch back and forth between light and dark modes.

Light Mode

Documentation Light Mode

Dark Mode

Documentation Dark Mode

New Search Bar

Searching within the documentation received a major upgrade. The search window is now centered in the page and wider than the previous version, making it much more user friendly. The results themselves are now easier to read, which will allow users to find their desired results faster.


Documentation Search

Easier Navigation

Navigating within the Lisk Documentation is now much more streamlined. In the upper left-hand corner of the screen, users can toggle between various Lisk Products (Lisk Core, Lisk SDK, etc) in a single click. Users can also easily navigate between different versions of each product as well.


Documentation Navigation Top

Users have a similar option on the bottom left corner, however here they are given options as different pills to click instead of separate dropdowns.


Documentation Navigation Bottom

Using the Documentation

You can check out the new documentation yourself at Please note that you may need to reset your browser cache to view the updated documentation.


If you have any comments concerning the documentation, need help building your application, or just want to discuss Lisk with others, join us at


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