The Opening of Lisk Center Berlin

The health and safety of our community members, colleagues, and partners are our highest priority. After careful consideration, and in light of the ongoing COVID-19 developments, we are postponing Lisk.js 2020 to spring 2021. Details about the exact days will be shared as soon as possible through the event registration page, the dedicated event page, as well as through social media channels. Make sure to check them regularly for the latest updates.


However, as announced during the Lisk.js 2019 event in November, we set as one of our goals for this year to open up a Lisk Center in Berlin. The Lisk Center Berlin will come as an addition to the other two Lisk Centers: Lisk Center Utrecht and Lisk Center Tokyo.

Introducing the Lisk Center Berlin

It is essential for our ecosystem to be grounded in a common space where community members work and collaborate towards making blockchain technology more mature and accessible. Therefore, Lisk Center Berlin, a space dedicated to building, has been founded with the idea of bringing together developers, blockchain enthusiasts, and innovators to share their ideas and to contribute to the Lisk ecosystem by building blockchain applications.


In November 2020, we are opening the Lisk Center in Berlin on Köpenicker Straße, situated between Kreuzberg and Mitte districts. The area is a hip tech and business district, with an easy commute via public transportation from all parts of the city. This vibrant area is home to endless restaurants, cafés, galleries, and everything else for you to get a full Berlin experience. The Lisk Center Berlin will be located in a historical building built between 1909-1910 which used to be a factory producing luggage and accessories for traveling. Nowadays, the building is a beautifully renovated space that is considered to be a historical landmark.


Lisk Center Berlin


The 300 m2 area on the ground floor will offer an open space designed for events and networking, a working space, and a meeting room. Newcomers will get a full Lisk experience by trying out the Lisk products and checking the already-built proof of concepts. Working desks, meeting tables, standing desks, and enough space to get creative. We offer everything you need from whiteboards to post-its, you just need to bring interesting ideas to brainstorm. Coffee and tea will always be there to help you stay awake. The entire space is available for all Lisk community members excited to start building blockchain applications.


At Lisk Center Berlin we plan to organize events such as developer meetups, blockchain knowledge sessions, brainstorming, workshops, and many more - starting in 2021. These events have the goal of reaching the local developer community and onboarding them into the Lisk technology. Through networking and co-working within the space, we aim to strengthen the German Lisk community and facilitate the development of innovative blockchain applications built with Lisk SDK. Besides this, Lisk Center will be the first contact for enterprises willing to discover the benefits of blockchain technology and the Lisk products.

The Opening Event

In order to mark the opening of Lisk Center Berlin, we are hosting the first event for the Lisk community. This event will not only introduce the Lisk Center, but it will also cover our latest updates. If you are a developer, a community member, or a blockchain enthusiast, the event’s program has something to offer for everyone.


The online event will be hosted on Friday, November 20th starting at 6 pm CEST. After the introduction to the Lisk Center Berlin and future plans, presentations about our Research and Development progress will be held. A series of community members will be invited to present their proof of concept blockchain applications built with Lisk SDK. The last part of the event will consist of a panel discussion where attendees can ask questions related to the Lisk Center Berlin opening, as well as our Research and Development updates. You can register now to receive the latest updates for the event and join our giveaway to win a Lisk branded goodie bag. The event will be publically live-streamed on Youtube as well.


On Saturday, November 21st starting at 12 pm CEST, we will open the doors of the Lisk Center for a limited number of people to visit the space, meet the team, and network with other community members. We will also welcome you with a goodie bag if you register for the open door event.


Make sure to regularly check our website and event pages for updates on the agenda and speakers. We will keep you up to date also through our social media channels.

The Other Lisk Centers

Lisk Center Utrecht

Lisk Center Utrecht is a Lisk dedicated space for local developers and blockchain enthusiasts in the Netherlands. The center in the Netherlands is a blockchain hub managed by the local Lisk community to support blockchain development. Besides inspiring community members to build proof of concepts blockchain applications, the team actively contributes to the Lisk ecosystem by hosting several types of events online and offline.


Lisk Center Utrecht


Lisk Center Tokyo

Unlike the Lisk Center Utrecht, our Lisk Center in Tokyo is part of a large business hub called BINARYSTAR which gathers members from other projects and businesses within the blockchain industry in Japan. This gives us also the opportunity to build and strengthen business relationships, whilst simultaneously taking full advantage of the BINARYSTAR infrastructure. Lisk Center Tokyo connects developers and entrepreneurs not only online via social media platforms, but also offline within the business hub. More details about the Lisk Center Tokyo can be found in the blog post.




In order to keep you up-to-date with the progress at Lisk Center Berlin, we will be posting sneak peeks from the space through the upcoming weeks. Make sure to follow us on social media and check the #LiskCenterBerlin hashtag to be the first one to know how the Lisk Center will look like. We want to spread the news about Lisk Center Berlin within and outside the Lisk community, therefore make sure to re-share our posts by using the hashtag.


We are very excited to meet you online at our opening event and also in person in the Lisk Center Berlin space. 


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