Lisk Events in 2nd Quarter 2020

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  • 28 Feb 2020
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic worsening throughout the world, we have decided to pause the involvement of Lisk at events until the end of June 2020. Therefore, we will not be attending, organizing or sponsoring conferences, workshops, hackathons or meetups during this time. Moreover, several changes to the upcoming events have been announced by the organizers. Teamz Blockchain Summit was postponed to September 28th-29th, 2020Consensus 2020 will still take place on May 11th-13th, 2020, but it will be a virtual experience and free-of-charge for attendees around the world. WeAreDevelopers World Congress was postponed April 15th-16th, 2021.

Lisk’s participation at events in 2020 has the purpose of onboarding developers using the Lisk SDK, offering research and development updates; and furthermore growing the Lisk community through networking opportunities. In order to reach these goals, Lisk not only participates at conferences, hackathons and local meetups, but also organizes blockchain and developer events. As the blockchain weeks take place in major innovation hubs around the world in 2020, Lisk is going to participate in the most relevant ones, which for the first half of 2020 are listed below.

Blockchain conferences

Tokyo Blockchain Week

20-26 April: Tokyo Blockchain Week

Tokyo Blockchain Week is a community initiative which brings together blockchain and crypto enthusiasts from all around the world. This series of events is organized by international and local companies and is designed around the TEAMZ BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT. The reason for attending the Tokyo Blockchain Week 2020 is to increase the awareness of Lisk in Japan by boosting  the local network.

During the week, the representatives of Lisk will be attending several key  events and community meetups. At the TEAMZ Blockchain Summit, Lisk will be represented by the CEO and co-founder, Max Kordek as a panelist. This conference is the largest in Tokyo and allows companies in the blockchain sector to exhibit, network and engage in debate. The main theme of this year’s summit is “Taking Action on the New Era of Technology”. 


New York Blockchain Week

9-15 May: New York Blockchain Week

New York Blockchain Week takes place on May 9 -15, 2020 for the third year and is hosted by CoinDesk in partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation. This week will consist of a series of events which are focused on the development of the global blockchain community. Lisk’s goals for the New York Blockchain Week are to network with the leaders in the blockchain industry, in order to gain further insights in the blockchain and crypto industry.

Consensus conference is an annual gathering of industry’s most active players and the most influential blockchain and digital assets event of the year. Important topics such as adoption challenges, market infrastructure, and regulation are being covered during the conference. This year, Lisk will be represented in New York by the CEO and co-founder, Max Kordek, who will be present at all of the key events during the New York Blockchain Week. You can watch Lisk’s presentation from Consensus Construct 2019 here


Developer conferences

We are developers 2020

28-29 May: WeAreDevelopers

WeAreDevelopers World Congress in Berlin is the world’s leading developer conference which will gather industry leaders and speakers from around the world. Lisk is a main partner for this conference, and hosts a developer workshop introducing the Lisk SDK, as well as walking through a tutorial to build their own custom transactions.

Our developers will be coordinating the workshop and supporting the attendants in running a node with Lisk SDK. The main goal of Lisk for this conference is to attract developers into the Lisk ecosystem. In addition to the workshop, Lisk will also be represented on the stage by our Backend Developer, Mitsuaki Uchimoto, who will present an overview of blockchain security mechanisms for P2P networks. You can watch his previous talk about network security at the lisk.js event in 2019 here.


Other developer events

Apart from these conferences, Lisk will also be hosting local workshops and meetups for developers and blockchain enthusiasts. On a monthly basis, Lisk is planning on being present at developer events in Berlin in order to engage with the local community. One of the most important upcoming workshops will be “The Ledger” full-day event on April 4th in Berlin, which is addressed to both beginners and experienced developers who will deep dive into certain applications of ledger technologies. This event is organized by Coding Berlin developer community group in collaboration with Turbine Kreuzberg.  Lisk will be hosting a workshop showcasing the Lisk SDK, together with several tutorials for developers. 

As always, we will post a recap of learnings, discussions, and other outcomes of the conferences on Lisk blog, as well as other meetups and events we are attending on our events page.

Lisk has embarked on an exciting mission to enable developers to create decentralized, efficient, and transparent blockchain applications. Join us:


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