AMA Recap: Betanet v5 Launch

All objectives of the Network Longevity phase and several Lisk SDK improvements have been successfully implemented into Lisk SDK 5.0.0, and therefore Lisk Core 3.0.0-beta.2 has been released. This comes with a multitude of new features on the protocol and various improvements on the code level. This time around, due to its short testing cycle the current Betanet v4 which is running stable since November 2020 will not be shut down and will continue to run on

The new Betanet v5 will be available on from now onwards. At some point in the beginning of 2021, we will move to and shut down the Betanet v4. We published a blog post showcasing the new protocol features of this release and further code improvements. As an addition to our blog post, on Friday, December 4th, Shusetsu Toda (Lead Backend Developer) hosted a live AMA (Ask Me Anything) on about the Betanet v5 launch.

In this blog post, we recap the full live AMA session and feature the questions asked by community members, as well as Shu’s answers.

By Lisk

07 Dec 2020


Mateusz Abramczyk opens the AMA:

Hello everyone. On Wednesday, December 2nd, we published the Launch of Betanet v5 blog post. Shusetsu Toda ( @shuse2 ) is now here to answer any of your questions related to the launch of Betanet v5.

punkrock: @shuse2 could I already do the magic transaction to transform my betanet v4 account to betanet v5?

Shu: You can definitely start using betanet v5!

punkrock: No. I mean, I want to do what we have to do with our mainnet accounts when core 3.0 goes mainnet.

Shu: The migration tool only works from core v2 => core v3, so we can test it when we migrate to testnet. We will probably announce and collaborate with everyone on testnet/mainnet to do the dry-run testing next year. By the way, the testnet/mainnet release will happen mostly as it is, so it would be nice to start testing all the server setup, adding tools, etc.

Tom - Endro: Hi Shusetsu! I was exploring the SDK (Betanet) and saw that the get all transactions with filtering + paging was removed. I wanted to see if you could elaborate the decision a bit. There will be a lot of community tools and explorer that will need to use lisk-service because they were using such an endpoint.

Shu: Sure. A lot of searching features are removed because of multiple reasons. The main reason is to prioritize the main feature as blockchain client. In order to increase performance and size of blockchain, we have changed our database and encoding of the data, and processing block doesn't require searching. Additional indexing can be supported by lisk-service or plugins or just observing the core, and if someone creates them, multiple database support is possible. Hopefully that answers your question.

hmachado: Sounds good, seems that next year will be really awesome for Lisk

Tom - Endro: Very good answer, thanks!

ducktank: Hey Shu, what will be your main focus now, after sdk5.0 is complete?

Shu: The next step we have in our mind is improvement on commander. Most of the features from commander were migrated to lisk-core but we want to make lisk-commander an entry point to develop blockchain using lisk-sdk. To do that we are thinking to introduce scaffolding of the application, etc. on the commander. Also a lot more DX improvements on SDK itself based on feedback (and feedback is welcome!) but of course, as soon as interoperability research is ready, our full focus will be on that.

ducktank: thx Shu! Very interesting.

todaysjohn: When do you anticipate interoperability to be completed? Is that referencing interoperability between side chains or outside the Lisk ecosystem?

Shu: Full specification of the interoperability will be done early next year as our research team introduced in the update event last month so definitely we will start working on them around that time, but without full specification and planning, it's very hard to estimate when it will be done. I think from the update event, priority is the communication between sidechains. But I guess the research team knows better.

todaysjohn: Thank you

dav1: Does Lisk already have any benchmark about sdk 5 compared with v2?

Shu: We are actually currently working on that too, I think it would be communicated around migration time. With the information I have right now, performance improvements are significant. You can join betanet and send lots of transactions, and you can feel the difference too.

TonyT908: Is testing for betanet 4 over then?

Shu: We will keep it up for a while since we internally still use them, but in general, I think it would be nice if everyone joined betanet 5.

Splatters: I will close beta v4 to set beta v5 in the same node.

Shu: Let me know if you need token for self voting on #network channel. To run betanet node, refer to our documentation. Also, @punkrock created awesome tutorials + @korben3 has mini-explorer running.

Mateusz Abramczyk: Thank you all for the interesting questions, and thank you Shu for your time.

Thanks to everyone in the community for their participation in the live AMA on Further information about the Launch of Betanet v5 can be found in the published blog post.

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