Integrating blockchain

The "Integrate Blockchain" category contains all the guides explaining how blockchain applications can be utilized and integrated into all types of external applications and services.

Getting data from the blockchain

Encoding and decoding blockchain data

Integrating a user interface

On top of what is offered by the Hello World client, a complete example of how a UI can be integrated into a blockchain client is described in the Integrating with UI guides.

The "Hello World" Lisk application provides the following features:

  1. Handling accounts: Creation of a new account and fetching details of an account.

  2. Using a faucet and transferring tokens: Seeding a new account with a faucet and transferring tokens to a given account.

  3. Sending and retrieving hello: Sending and displaying hello messages on the UI.

Complete application code

View the complete sample code of the "Hello World" Lisk application on GitHub in the Lisk SDK examples repository.

The following image provides an overview of the "Hello World" Lisk application:

Hello sApp overview
Figure 1. Salient features of the Hello World Lisk application