Update Lisk Core (NPM)

1. Check for new versions

npm outdated --global --depth=0
Package    Current   Wanted  Latest  Location
lisk-core    3.0.4    3.1.1   3.1.1  global

As the output indicates, we currently have v3.0.4 installed, but the latest version of Lisk Core is v3.1.1.

2. Stop Lisk Core

pm2 delete lisk-core

3. Backup Lisk Core

tar czf ~/backup_lisk.tar.gz ~/.lisk/lisk-core

4. Install the new version

In case a custom config file is used with Lisk Core, copy one of the default config files of the new Lisk Core version to use it as a basis for the new custom config, and adjust it according to your old custom config.
npm update --global lisk-core

5. Start Lisk Core

pm2 start pm2.conf.json

6. Sanity Check

Verify the correct version.

lisk-core --version
#lisk-core/3.1.1 linux-x64 node-v18.16.1

Check if the new transferFixHeight, serializationFixHeight is correctly set:

  • transferFixHeight, serializationFixHeight value for the Mainnet is 17557156.

  • transferFixHeight, serializationFixHeight value for the Testnet is 15466999.

Example: Checking transferFixHeight, serializationFixHeight for Testnet
lisk-core node:info --pretty | grep "serializationFixHeight\|transferFixHeight"
"transferFixHeight, serializationFixHeight": 15466999
For delegates
For delegates: Don’t forget that Enabling forging again is required after the update.