Update Lisk Core (NPM)

1. Check for new versions

npm outdated --global --depth=0
Package    Current   Wanted  Latest  Location
lisk-core    3.0.1    3.0.2   3.0.2  global

As the output indicates, we currently have v3.0.1 installed, but the latest version of Lisk Core is v3.0.2.

2. Stop Lisk Core

pm2 stop lisk-core

3. Backup Lisk Core

tar czf ~/backup_lisk.tar.gz ~/.lisk/lisk-core

4. Install the new version

In case a custom config file is used with Lisk Core, copy one of the default config files of the new Lisk Core version to use it as basis for the new custom config, and adjust it according to your old custom config.
npm update --global lisk-core

5. Start Lisk Core

pm2 start lisk-core

6. Sanity Check

Verify the correct version

lisk-core --version
#lisk-core/3.0.2 linux-x64 node-v12.22.7

Check if the new unlockFixHeight is correctly set:

  • unlockFixHeight value for the Mainnet is 16785878

  • unlockFixHeight value for the Testnet is 14867989.

Example: Checking unlockFixHeight for Testnet
lisk-core node:info --pretty | grep unlockFixHeight
"unlockFixHeight": 14867989
For delegates
For delegates: Don’t forget to Enabling forging again after the update.