Update with bash script

To perform the update using the bash script, please follow the instructions below.


cd ~
rm -f
bash upgrade -r beta

After running the above script manually or through, you will be prompted to select a few options. Please read these thoroughly and follow the applicable steps.

It is necessary to enable forging manually after the upgrade. Please follow this guide for further details to enable forging on your delegate node.

Manual update Lisk Core

Switch to your Lisk folder and stop Lisk processes as shown below:

  • Betanet

cd ~
cd lisk-beta
bash stop

Backup your SSL folder (if necessary), as shown below:

mkdir ~/backup
cp -f ./ssl/* ~/backup/
cp -f ./config.json ~/backup/

Remove your old Lisk folder and install the script as shown below:

  • Betanet

cd ~
rm -rf ~/lisk-beta
rm -rf

Download the latest install script as shown below:

  • Betanet


Install the latest version of Lisk as shown below:

  • Betanet

bash install -r beta
You will be prompted for your installation directory, pressing Enter will choose the default.