Commander application

Update with Lisk Commander application

To update the Lisk Core application please follow the instructions below.


Firstly, navigate into the directory where your Lisk Core installation is located.

To upgrade Lisk Core, execute the following command:

lisk core:upgrade lisk-betanet (1)
1 Replace lisk-betanet with your Lisk instance name, in case it is different.

If you have forgotton the name of the Lisk instance, please open and view the contents of the instances directory by executing the following command below:

ls ~/.lisk/instances/ (1)
1 Lists all available Lisk Core instances.
Available options

Add either one or multiple options listed below to the core:upgrade command. Multiple options are seperated by spaces.

Full Name Short Name Examples Description




Defines a custom URL for downloading the new Lisk Core application script. It is also necessary to have the checksum for the TAR file with the format 2.0.0-Linux-x86_64.tar.gz.SHA256, in order for the Commander to check the integrity of the application. Please refer to the Lisk Core application releases for the file naming convention.



  • --lisk-version=2.0.0

  • --lisk-version=2.1.3

Defines the specific version that should be used to update Lisk Core.