Lisk Mainnet specifications

The Lisk Mainnet follows the Lisk protocol. It has been lauched in May 2016 and has a few specificities that are not part of the basic Lisk protocol.


The native token for the Lisk Mainnet is the LSK. Each LSK is further subdivided into 108 beddows.


Lisk Mainnet additionally contains the legacyAccount module which contains the following transaction.

LSK Reclaim

This transaction allows to access the balance that was sent to a legacy address without any associated public key. Legacy addresses, generated from the first eight bytes of the public key, were used in older versions of the protocol. This legacy address is deduced from the senderPublicKey of the transaction and the amount specified in the transaction asset must correspond to the amount in the legacy account.


Network identifier

The network identifier of the Lisk Mainnet is 9ee11e9df416b18bf69dbd1a920442e08c6ca319e69926bc843a561782ca17ee.