The BaseCommand represents Lisk commands by providing a generic interface, from which each command extends from.




_posTokenID: Buffer
_punishmentLockingPeriods: PunishmentLockingPeriods
_roundLength: number
_tokenMethod: TokenMethod
events: NamedRegistry
schema: Schema = emptySchema
stores: NamedRegistry



  • Applies the state changes of a command through the state machine. The hook Command.execute() is triggered by a transaction identified by the module name and the command name.

    Additionally, an event will be emitted that provides the information on whether a command is executed successfully or failed.

    In this hook, the state can be mutated and events can be emitted.

    If the command verification succeeded, but the hook execution fails, the transaction that triggered this command is still valid, however the state changes applied in this hook are reverted.


    Returns Promise<void>

  • Parameters

    • args: {
          posTokenID: Buffer;
          punishmentLockingPeriods: PunishmentLockingPeriods;
          roundLength: number;
      • posTokenID: Buffer
      • punishmentLockingPeriods: PunishmentLockingPeriods
      • roundLength: number

    Returns void

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