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Blockchance Hamburg 2019


The Blockchance Conference 2019’s key topics are the future of economics and the future of society. Blockchance creates a platform for the exchange of knowledge, experience and success and shows deep insights into distributed ledger technology and blockchain universe. The conference is designed for corporate partners, innovators, developers, investors, politicians, media and an interested public for two days on August 16-17th. The event will take place in Hamburg at the Prestigious Chamber of Commerce Hamburg, Germany’s first stock exchange.

Frederic Hannesen, Legal Counsel at Lightcurve and Lothar Skorupka, Head of Operations at Lightcurve, will represent Lisk at the Blockchance Conference in Hamburg.

Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

As a venue for the Blockchance Conference Hamburg 2019, they chose the prestigious Chamber of Commerce, Germany’s first stock exchange, not least in order to meet the predicted number of participants. The proximity to the economy and the town hall underlines the relevance and strong social anchoring of the conference topics. The up-lift from sea containers to this historical halls describes the success story of the Blockchain technology, the Blockchance Conference and the Blockchain hotspot Hamburg.

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Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Adolphspl. 1
20457 Hamburg

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