BlueYard: Decentralized & Encrypted 2016


Decentralized & Encrypted. That was the title of the first conference the Lisk founders ever attended. It was hosted by BlueYard in Berlin on June 1st, 2016. Over 150 people participated in the discussion about Bitcoin, blockchain, decentralisation, and the future of the internet. There was a heavy focus on application platforms, DAOs, and projects at the infrastructure level. It became clear that the industry as a whole still has a long way to go before it reaches mainstream user adoption.

That idiom overshadowed nearly every project which was present in Berlin. It was said by Trent McConaghy, CTO at BigchainDB and IPDB, the InterPlanetary Database. In a very similar meaning Christoph Jentzsch, co-founder of Slock.it, said the same about The DAO which is a huge “experiment” according to him. In many panel discussions involving ERIS, ConsenSys, Ethcore, Lightning, Zcash, Blockstack, and IPFS it became clear that they have similar thoughts about their projects.

Edward Snowden lectured us at the conference that information is power. Blockchains distribute the power and encryption secures the information. Both not only important elements in Lisk but also for the future of the internet.

With Lisk, we want to upgrade the internet and take it to the next level. With over $8,000,000 in fundings and a great product we have a unique opportunity to do so. However, like others we must learn to walk before we can run.

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