Lisk.js 2021 officially announced.


Coding Earth Hackathon


Lisk will attend Coding Earth Hackathon on February 22nd in Berlin. We will be challenging local developers to use the Lisk SDK to build their own blockchain application. 

Let Lisk convince your that blockchains will change the world as we know it! Play around with Lisk's SDK and get a feeling for the awesomeness of Javascript based custom transactions based on ultimately secure distributed ledger technology.


09:00 Doors open, breakfast served
10:00 Welcome session, introduction of our good friends, challenge presentation
10:30 Team building, idea pitching, birthday chaining
11:00 The hack begins
12:00 Workshop / Intro: Twilio
12:30 Workshop / Intro: Lisk
13:00 Lunch
17:00 The cake is not a lie!
21:30 Pen drop, rien ne vas plus
21:30 Breathe, stretch, find your inner middle
21:45 Demo time!
22:30 Award ceremony
23:00 The end


Mona Bärenfänger, Technical Writer, will represent Lisk at the hackathon and host a workshop introducing SDK at 12:30pm.

Wild Code School Berlin

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Wild Code School Berlin

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