Global CodeRetreat Berlin 2019

Come and join us for a full day of learning with each other, doing some fun challenges, and improving our coding skills. 💪

On Saturday November 16th, thousands of developers from all over the world will participate in the Global Day Of Coderetreat and you can be part of it at codebar Berlin at Lisk office in Atrium Tower.

The event will be a free full day workshop and you will be provided with breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages.

In multiple sessions, you will pair up with someone and work on a small coding exercise (for example "Game of Life") in the language of your choice. Want to dive deep into JavaScript? Or did you always want to take a look at Rust? This is your chance to pair with experienced developers and try out something new, far away from deadlines and graded exercises.

For each session, we will suggest a different constraint that makes it a bit more challenging (e.g. “try to avoid using your mouse” or “speak as little as possible with your pairing partner, try to make the code speak for itself”). You don’t have to follow it, it’s merely meant to inspire and challenge you a little. 

After each session we will do a quick whole-group retrospective so you can share your insights with the rest of the group. Then you'll get a different partner if you like and begin the next session.

Beginners and experienced coders are all welcome! Please make sure to update your RSVP if you can’t make it. We will order food and it would be a shame to let it go to waste.

Atrium Tower

Lisk Meetup
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Atrium Tower

Eichhornstraße 3
10785 Berlin

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