WeAreDevelopers Live Week

Nazar Hussain, Senior Backend Developer at Lisk, is featured speakers at the online event WeAreDevelopers Live Week on 8th of October 2020. 


The talk will introduce the usage of SDK in blockchain technology and showcase the Lisk SDK used in building blockchain applications. We will give an in-depth explanation of the new Lisk SDK Architecture and the three ways to build, extend, and interact with a blockchain application built with the Lisk SDK. Therefore, the  talk will cover aspects such as extending the distributed ledger based on your business requirement, providing extended APIs for external third party apps or scripting some utilities to interact with blockchain application on the command line. Moreover, the Lisk SDK allows you to easily build blockchain applications compatible with the Lisk protocol in JavaScript. The last part will include a hands on demo which covers the entire development journey in building a blockchain application with the Lisk SDK.



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