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The Lisk Grant Program offers funding to entrepreneurs and developers building Web3 apps with the Lisk SDK.

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Wave 1

21st May - 31st July

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Wave 2

1st August - 30th September

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Wave 3

1st October - 31st December

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Wave 4

1st January - 31st March

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Wave 5

23rd May - Open Ended

60,000 CHF per Web3 app

To get your project off the ground, Lisk is contributing 60,000 CHF paid in LSK tokens for Web3 apps built with the Lisk SDK.

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Founding Team

We expect at least two founding team members with at least one of you being a JavaScript developer. If you don't have a co-founder yet, you can join our community to find one!

Startup Spirit

Our Grant Program is aiming for serious real-world Web3 applications. We expect you to have the intention to raise further funds and to establish a legal entity at one point.

Pitch your Idea

As part of your application you have to send us a description of all team members, a business plan and a pitch deck. After we have evaluated your submission positively we will jump on a call with you in which you present us your idea.

Stay up to Date

Your blockchain application should always be built with the latest Lisk SDK and all code should always be completely open source. If you have valid reasons to not open source certain parts of your code, please let us know.

Building the future

Web3 apps that matter

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Smart contracts

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Selected participants

These selected participants of the Lisk Grant Program are developing their Web3 apps with the Lisk SDK.

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