Why Lisk?

The Current State of Web3

Web3 continues to evolve with every passing day. Crypto has gone from being mostly unknown to a common household name. Despite this growth, there is still much to be achieved.

Today there are more blockchains being used and developed than ever before. While this has led to some increased adoption, it has been a slow process. One reason this has been a lack of accessibility for crypto as a whole.

Another issue is the siloed nature of most Web3 projects. In general, these solutions have operated in isolation from one another. This drastically limits their scalability and number of use cases.

Solutions to this issue are being developed however. Cross-chain communication has been a hot topic within the crypto community for some time, with many projects, including Lisk, leading the way towards blockchain interoperability.

Where Does Lisk Fit?

The Lisk Network will utilize general cross-chain messages so that all blockchains connected through LIsk can communicate with one another. This communication is referred to as interoperability.

Another added benefit is that developers can build their Web3 apps with the Lisk SDK using JavaScript, the most popular programming language in the world today. Making blockchain development as accessible as possible is key in attracting new and exciting projects to be built on Lisk.

Lisk’s Vision & Goals

Lisk’s vision is to be the most accessible blockchain application platform in the world. The aim is to give people the benefits of blockchain technology, crypto and Web3.

To achieve this vision, there are three main goals:

Become the industry standard for JavaScript blockchain application development

JavaScript is the most used programming language in the world today, as it is used by millions of developers. Despite the number of JavaScript developers, most are unfamiliar with blockchain and therefore have never created a Web3 app. Lisk is providing the right tools to build their own blockchain in JavaScript.

Onboard 100,000,000 users into crypto & Web3

Besides empowering developers to build their own blockchain applications, Lisk also wants to bring Web3 to everyday users. While crypto is becoming more well known overall, the current state of Web3 has much room for improvement.

Everyone should have the necessary exposure to this ground-breaking new iteration of the internet.

Make the Lisk Foundation sustainable

The Lisk Foundation is responsible for allocating funds for continued research, development and marketing of all Lisk products. Having this foundation become sustainable will allow these efforts to continue far into the future.


The Future of Lisk

Arguably the most significant update to come for the Lisk Project will be interoperability within the Lisk network. This will occur with the release of the Lisk SDK v6.0.

Despite Lisk interoperability still being in development, improvements for it are already under way. Some of these come in the form of custom plugins, such as the Chain Recovery Plugin, and custom modules, such as the Proof of Authority (PoA) and NFT module.

Once interoperability within the Lisk Ecosystem is achieved, the focus will shift towards other blockchains. The goal is to have interoperability with previously incompatible blockchains outside of the Lisk Ecosystem though Lisk bridges. Candidates that the Lisk Network will connect to are currently being considered.

It is through these improvements, among other things, that will help Lisk reach its goals and see to it that its vision of being the most accessible Web3 app platform in the world is met.

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