In a decentralized network there is no central authority controlling or limiting its activity. The software used to span the network and all of its participants control each other in a liberal and pre-defined way. Hence, this makes it impossible to manipulate, intervene or shut down.

For almost four years now, Lisk has continued to run on its own decentralized network maintained by hundreds of operators world-wide, and is regularly developed further by the Lisk Foundation.

Network Decentralized
Network Secure


The technology behind Lisk is built with military-grade cryptography, and adheres to the latest development standards, and also features an extensive test suite.

Each of our products are developed completely in open-source, and furthermore are actively maintained and continually developed further.

Energy Efficient

A decisive difference to other networks based on blockchain technology is Lisk's energy efficiency. The infrastructure to keep the Lisk network running is extremely light-weight, making it a green alternative, whilst simultaneously not sacrificing reliability, speed or throughput.

Network Energy

The Lisk Network in Numbers


The throughput is the number of transactions possible per day. Number is the projected number once the Network Economics phase is implemented. Please see the roadmap.

security reliability
LSK transferred