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The Lisk logotype is flat, strengthening its adaptability across a variety of mediums and channels.

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Our community is an integral part of the Lisk ecosystem and for this reason they have their own badge. Make sure to use this in your projects, products and events.

Community Badge

Our Typeface

Gilroy and Basier are our primary fonts. Since they are copyrighted they cannot be distributed freely. You can find out more about obtaining the license to these fonts offsite.


Please use this for all heading and sub heading purposes


Please use for inner headings and all body copy purposes

Alternative Typeface

Poppins and Roboto are free open source fonts for commercial use available on Google fonts. We suggest to use them as a replacement for Gilroy and Basier.


Please use this for all heading and subheading purposes


Please use this for all body copy purposes



Our key colors are Zodiac Blue and Ultramarine Blue as well as a variety of accent colors that adapt to every visual need. We strongly advise you to stick to this palette of colors.


Feel free to use plenty of white space to give your content some breathing room and make your design more approachable to readers.

Combine this with consistent alignment across a pre-defined grid structure and you've got a winning composition!

Use our thumbnail creator, hosted on Google Slides, for building your own media banners or download our Adobe Illustrator file with all the grids.



Grid it up

We use a 2x4 grid


Column 'how to'

Make sure to use one column exclusively for the illustration and the other column for placing your content


Keep left

Always make sure to left align the text content regardless of which column you place it in



Illustration Pack

Our illustrations are geometric and curvy with soft organic finishes for a unique look and feel.

stickers image

Sticker Pack

We created a sticker pack with some of our favorite illustrations. Enjoy them at your next event. 

Infographic Pack

Our infographics feature more than 100 visual assets supporting technical blockchain content. Feel free to use them for any of your upcoming presentations. All we ask in return is that you always make sure to attribute Lisk when doing so.

history of money lisk
Presentation Template

Get Presentation Template

Use our presentation template on Google Slides to ensure your presentation stays on-brand.

Promote Your Event

Planning to host an upcoming blockchain event in your area? Use our event banner template on Google Slides to quickly build your own banner.

Lisk Wallpapers

Download Lisk Wallpapers

Make the most of your display with the new Lisk wallpapers. Choose from a wide selection of designs including bears, dogs, armies, superheroes, boats, a walking crew, robots and even contortionists… your call!