Attend and host events, workshops, hackathons, and brainstorming sessions.



Brainstorm and develop your blockchain application with the Lisk SDK.


Connect and socialize with developers and blockchain enthusiasts.

Coworking Space

Lisk Center Utrecht provides an open workspace, blockchain knowledge, and unexpected encounters. The workspace of 210 m2 has around 40 places to work, of which 16 dedicated working desks, several meeting tables and plenty of room to stand, talk, and write your thoughts on the whiteboards. 

We provide our community members with cold drinks from the fridge, some snacks on the table, and free coffee.

Co working space
Event space

Event Space

With the local & online community we organize a wide range of events such as (online) meetups, workshops, brainstorms and hands-on tech sessions.

During these sessions we cover topics like different blockchain platforms, technical deep-dives into the SDK and use cases.

Currently, most meetups are hosted online.   

Meeting room

The open space is equipped with diverse creative and meeting areas. A long conference table with a screen for presentations, brainstorming sessions, and virtual meetings. This is an ideal room for groups between four and ten people. 

meeting room
Community-driven initiative

Community-driven Initiative

Back in 2018, Lisk community members from all over the world donated with the goal of creating a physical hub in the Netherlands in order to further develop the blockchain ecosystem with a physical community. That's when the Lisk Center Utrecht was born.

The LCU is now run by the Moosty team. More than 100 events have been organized at the LCU so far and new visitors are welcomed on daily basis.

map lcu

Visit Lisk Center Utrecht

Jaarbeursplein 6,
3521 AL Utrecht,

Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 17:00

Due to the current global pandemic the Lisk Center Utrecht will stay closed for the public until further notice.


For newbies in Utrecht, you can always ask the local community members for an up-to-date recommendation of hotels, B&Bs, places to eat, interesting meetups, or how to spend your evening. 

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