Build Blockchain Applications in JavaScript

The Lisk SDK enables you to easily build blockchain applications compatible with the Lisk protocol in JavaScript. The architecture of our software development kit has been designed so that it can be extended to meet the requirements of any blockchain use case.


Open Source

Forever free and open under the Apache 2.0 license.

Rooted in JavaScript

Committed to the most popular programming language.

Modular Architecture

Develop with total flexibility and freedom.

Stellar Documentation

Everything you need to know in one place.


Figure out the ins and outs of how to build a complete blockchain application. Our tutorials provide a full spectrum of the development of blockchain use-cases.

Hello World

Learn how to build the most basic of all blockchain applications – a simple Hello World.


Non-fungible Token (NFT)

You are curious about how to build NFTs with Lisk? Here you will find your answer.

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Social Recovery System (SRS)

You want to implement a recovery mechanism for inaccessible tokens? We show you how to do it.

Lisk Name Service (LNS)

If you want to build a blockchain application with a domain name service, here is a tutorial for you.

hero - lisk grant program

Grant Program

We are searching for entrepreneurs and developers to build blockchain applications with the Lisk SDK. Join us and receive a 60,000 CHF grant to expand our ecosystem with ground-breaking blockchain use-cases.

Before you make a submission, please review our grant program guidelines.

Bug Bounty Program

Everything we do is open source. That's why we are remunerating developers and researchers who report security vulnerabilities and bugs.

Before you make a submission, please review our bug bounty program guidelines.

Bug Bounty Program

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Create your Lisk SDK badge here to be used on the GitHub repository of your blockchain application.


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