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Lisk Wallet is available on desktop and mobile with industry-leading user experience.

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Use-cases made real

Accessibility guides us

With whatever we do, we keep accessibility in our hearts. Lisk provides the best Web3 experience they can imagine. Period.


Access digital assets like never before

It was never so easy to join the crypto revolution. Creating a Lisk account is your first step in benefiting from this groundbreaking technology. Purchase LSK tokens to unwield the power of Lisk.

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Staking made easy

Participating in staking grants you LSK tokens in passive income. The more you stake the more you earn.

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Coming 2023

The next iteration of the internet

Crypto is more than trading tokens. It’s about bringing Web3 apps to users globally, so that they can benefit from this innovative technology. The Lisk community is working on use-cases out of DeFi, GameF, Metaverse, and many more.

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    Accounts created

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Immutable. Unstoppable. Forever.

Lisk is running on a decentralized network making it immutable and unstoppable. Nobody can shut it down, not even we. The same goes for your digital assets, they are truly owned by you and nobody can take them away.

Feature overview

Desktop comes packed with power-user features while we keep it simple on Mobile.

Lisk Desktop

Lisk Mobile

Create & manage your account

Store LSK

Send & receive transactions

Register a username

Stake your LSK

Monitor the network

Access via hardware wallets

Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X

Use Web3 apps


How to create a Lisk account?

If you have troubles setting up Lisk, best to check out our step-by-step guide on how to create a Lisk account.