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Achievements of July 2020

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5 Closed Epics of Lisk SDK 5.0.0

So far, 11 epics of Lisk SDK 5.0.0 were closed. 5 of them were closed in July 2020. With that, 3 epics remain to be implemented.

1. Implemented new block schema

A newly defined genesis block schema was implemented to allow the specification of the initial account states of a new blockchain created with the Lisk SDK in a simpler and more compact format. More details about the 10 closed issues of this epic can be found on GitHub.

2. Implemented lisk-tree

A new Lisk Elements library called lisk-tree was implemented, which defines a generic Merkle tree structure and a format for proof-of-inclusion that can be used in different parts of the Lisk protocol. More details about the 10 closed issues of this epic can be found on GitHub.

3. IPC support for Lisk Framework

The motivation behind this epic was to make it possible for Lisk Framework and third-party modules to communicate directly with other modules. More details about the 8 closed issues of this epic can be found on GitHub.

4. Simplified HTTP API

The HTTP API module was simplified, now supporting only the most important endpoints. It was also separated from Lisk Framework as an independent library into Lisk Elements so that it can be expanded easily or installed separately if the user wants to. More details about the 8 closed issues of this epic can be found on GitHub.

5. Created forger plugin

For node operators or developers it might be required to expand on certain functionalities within their blockchain application. Therefore, we developed a new concept called Lisk Framework plugins. The first plugin created, a forger plugin, provides and notifies forgers with more detailed information. More about the 13 closed issues of this epic can be found on GitHub.

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Improved Lisk Documentation UI 

The Lisk documentation was further improved by adding new content and features. In July, we added the new Lisk protocol documentation and created more descriptive distribution names for Lisk Core. Additionally, further improvements were made on the user interface of the Lisk documentation. 

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ID System Improvements

In July, we published a blog post showcasing an overview of the main improvements related to the new Lisk ID system introduced in the Network Longevity phase of the Lisk Protocol Roadmap. The blog post introduces the main technical concepts used in the article, an explanation of the new address system for the Lisk ecosystem and details about the new ID format for transactions and blocks in Lisk.

On Friday, July 24th, we hosted a live AMA on where Iker Alustiza (Research Scientist) answered questions from the community members about the new Lisk ID system.

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Building the Smart Inventory Project

Lemii published on the Lisk blog a post about the Smart Inventory project as part of his participation in the Lisk Builders program.

His project “Smart Inventory project” intends to be a blockchain application that tracks the history and life path of value items. Users can claim ownership of an item or transfer their owned items to another user. With each action, certain metadata is supplied that populates the dataset of an item. This enables users to analyze their history.

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Building the Arcado Network 

Endro and Michiel Mulders published on the Lisk blog a post about the Arcado Network as part of their participation in the Lisk Builders program.

The Arcado project represents a decentralized reward system for multiplayer games by providing game developers with a generic API. The API is capable of performing many operations on the Lisk network through the Lisk SDK. Some of these operations include game profile creation identified by a Lisk address or a signal at the start of the game. In order to offer game developers an easy-to-use gateway to implement decentralized gamification, the goal for this generic API was to abstract the underlying Lisk logic.

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Building the Lisk DAO Project

Peter Nobels published on the Lisk blog a post about the Lisk DAO project as part of his participation in the Lisk Builders program.

His project “Lisk DAO project” represents a proof of concept for a decentralized autonomous organization. The goal of this project is realizing a DAO platform that will contain several building blocks for the governance and operational processes of communities.

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Announcement of the Monthly Community Hero

Raphael Cornelis ( username: @Raphael | Moosty) was announced as the Community Hero of the month. His constant contribution to the Lisk project, as well as their support on online and offline events as part of the Lisk Center Utrecht team, are highly appreciated. 

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Two New Participants in the Lisk Builders Program

This month we selected two new participants for the Lisk Builders program. The first project receiving the grant is led by Sebastian from Antarctic Labs. His project aims to provide a highly scalable food traceability network.

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The second project participating in the Lisk Builders program for June 2020 is conducted by Jurre ( username: @Jurre | Moosty). His project is a proof of concept blockchain application for a regulated crowdfunding system. 

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Attended the Proof of Stake Blockchain Expo 

On July 28th, Lisk attended the online Proof of Stake Blockchain Expo organized by ChainTalk and TEAMZ. We were represented by Iker Alustiza, Research Scientist, who talked about Lisk’s Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm. The presentation can be watched back on their website

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Lisk Ranked 1st on CryptoMiso 

CryptoMiso, a GitHub activity comparison website for 241 projects in the blockchain industry, consistently ranked Lisk in the top three for any time period. Since July, Lisk now ranks first among all projects during all time periods. Therefore, Lisk is the most actively developed cryptocurrency project today. The development progress can be seen on GitHub.

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Blockchain in Supply Chain Management 

At the beginning of the month, Jan Breker (Business Developer) published the first blog post article from the series covering the impact blockchain technology can have on specific industries. The first article dives deep into the Supply Chain Management topic and elaborates on how challenges in this sector can be solved by blockchain technology. In the upcoming months, more articles about blockchains' impact on enterprises will be published and added to the Lisk Enterprise Portal.

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