Say Hello to the New Lisk L2 Grant Program

We're thrilled to introduce the new Lisk L2 Grant Program, an initiative aimed at driving innovation and empowering developers. Our Grant Program provides developers with access to up to $100,000 in hard funding, as well as a wealth of invaluable resources.

By Lisk

26 Mar 2024

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Grant Program Structure

We designed the Lisk Grant Program to nurture a community of developers and creators within the Lisk ecosystem and empower innovation towards a more open and accessible technological landscape. To do so in the most efficient way, We've structured our grant program to be accessible to everyone, whether you're just starting out, at a turning point, or already advanced.

We offer three tiers designed to provide top-notch resources while always aiming at your independence and self-sufficiency.

Tier 1 - The Bootstrap Grant: Building the Foundation

The Bootstrap Grant (up to $4,000 USD) lays the groundwork for your project. Directed towards individuals or teams who are at the earliest stages of developing their projects within the Lisk ecosystem, it is tailored for those seeking initial support to establish proof-of-concept applications.

This tier is ideal for innovators and entrepreneurs who are looking to turn their ideas into tangible projects and require foundational funding and resources to get started. The Bootstrap Grant acts as a crucial starting point, providing essential support to safely lift projects off the ground and begin their journey towards success within the Lisk community.

Tier 2 - The Builder Grant: Setting you up for Success

The Builder Grant (up to $16,000 USD) constitutes the second tier within the Lisk Grant Program. It stands as a formidable cornerstone in the realm of funding and support for projects primed for significant expansion and evolution, ensuring the robustness of the entire ecosystem before it embarks on its journey towards greatness.

With a focus on fortifying the foundation of budding ventures, the Builder Grant sets forth a set of requirements that serve as markers of readiness and commitment. These include the development of a robust Minimum Viable Product (MVP), the establishment of initial branding elements to delineate identity and purpose, and the cultivation of a burgeoning community, essential for enabling engagement and longevity.

Projects who already have an MVP can directly apply to Tier 2, without the need to go through Tier 1.

Tier 3 - The Booster Grant: Accelerating Growth

The Booster Grant, offering up to $80,000 USD, signifies the highest level of achievement within the Lisk Grant Program, representing a significant milestone for participating projects.

The Booster Grant, which requires hard work and dedication, provides essential support and resources for projects to excel in the competitive blockchain landscape. Beyond financial aid, it enables grantees to engage in activities like investor pitching events and legal assistance, ensuring their projects are thoroughly prepared for success. This tier is geared towards scaling up projects towards self-sufficiency and ensuring meticulous readiness in all aspects, both technical and beyond.

To qualify for the Booster grant your project must meet one of the two following conditions:

A. Successfully completed either:

  • The Builder Grant, or
  • a qualified Lisk incubation / acceleration program

B. Have a mature MVP or live application with an active user base and community

And There’s More! 2x Retroactive Public Goods Funding

While the Lisk L2 Grant Program provides upfront funding to jumpstart grantees projects, ALL builders on the Lisk L2 have the opportunity to apply for retroactive funding as well. Through not one, but soon two distinct programs!

1. The Optimism Superchain's Retroactive Public Goods Funding. 2. Lisk’s own Retroactive Public Goods Funding (to be announced at a later date)

Unlike traditional grants, RPGF programs reward projects based on their demonstrated impact, meaning projects are funded after they've successfully delivered a public good. This approach incentivizes the creation of valuable projects and fosters a community-driven funding model.

The OP RPGF Program is already live and has allocated more than 40 million OP Tokens across three funding rounds to date (with a total fund amount of close to 800m OP tokens!).

Our initial focus with the Lisk L2 Grant Program is to provide preemptive funding to bootstrap the ecosystem over the coming 1-3 years, however, we will also move towards having more and more funding come via retroactive public goods as the ecosystem matures.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Apply here!