Your sanctuary in Berlin

The Lisk Center is a space dedicated to building where you find your future business partner or develop ground-breaking crypto technology.

Köpenicker Strasse 126, 10179 Berlin

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Be a part of it

Our Lisk Center enables you to learn, build and network. And the best part of it? It’s all for free!

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Attend and host events, workshops, hackathons and brainstorming sessions.

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Brainstorm and develop your blockchain application with the Lisk SDK.

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Connect and socialize with developers and blockchain enthusiasts.

Take a tour

Located on the ground floor and designed for socializing, the Lisk Center features a common area, working space and meeting room. There is enough space for everyone.

What you can expect

Open area

Created for hosting developer events, learning about Lisk, and networking with others. The open area offers a lunch area, a Lisk experience corner, a 3D printer for creative ideas, and much more. Two sound-proof phone booths for calls and a wide variety of seats allow work to get done. A stage and projector make it a perfect multimedia event location.

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Working Space

Designed for deep focus! Six fully equipped working desks in a quiet environment ensure complete concentration for developers to build their own Web3 applications. You can find a brainstorming corner with a whiteboard and all required tools to bring your ideas to life.


Meeting Room

Equipped with a conference table with six chairs, a screen for presentations, whiteboards for brainstorming sessions, and all required tools for running workshops. This room is a power-house for productivity. However, fun shouldn’t be missing. Sometimes it transforms and hosts ping-pong tournaments, board games sessions and other social activities.


Visit the Lisk Center Berlin

Opening times: Only on request and for events Köpenicker Straße 126 10179 Berlin Germany