Modules overview

An overview of all available modules for the Lisk SDK.

Name Module ID Description

Token module


Handles all logic related to balance. Specifically the following criteria:

  • Validating and subtracting fees for all transactions.

  • Checking the minimum remaining balance requirement.

  • Giving block rewards to the block generator.

  • Transferring account balances.

Sequence module


Handles all logic related to the nonce.

It should verify the nonce for all transactions and increment it if valid.

Keys module


Handles all logic related to the signatures.

It is responsible for verifying signatures of a transaction from multi-signature and non-multi-signature accounts. It also handles the registration of multi-signature accounts.

DPoS module


Responsible for handling all DPoS related logics. Specifically the following:

  • Snapshotting vote weights

  • Calculating productivity

  • Handling registerDelegate, voteDelegate, unlockToken, and reportDelegateMisbehavior transaction assets

  • Setting the next delegates set