Interface CommandVerifyContext<T>

Context for the command verification.

Type Parameters

  • T = undefined


  • CommandVerifyContext


chainID: Buffer

The identifier of the blockchain network, in which this command is executed.

contextStore: Map<string, unknown>


getMethodContext: (() => ImmutableMethodContext)

Type declaration

getStore: ((moduleID: Buffer, storePrefix: Buffer) => ImmutableSubStore)

Type declaration

    • (moduleID: Buffer, storePrefix: Buffer): ImmutableSubStore
    • State store interface to get data from the module stores.


      • moduleID: Buffer
      • storePrefix: Buffer

      Returns ImmutableSubStore

header: {
    height: number;
    timestamp: number;

Timestamp and height when the transaction was sent.

Type declaration

  • height: number
  • timestamp: number
logger: Logger

Logger interface, to create log messages.

params: T

The command-specific parameters.

stateStore: ImmutableStateStore


transaction: Transaction

The transaction to verify.

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