Tutorials overview

To become both familiar and fully conversant with the Lisk SDK, a step-by-step walk through guide is provided that simplifies the process of developing a proof of concept blockchain application.

Name Estimated time required Complexity Content

Hello World hello overview send hello

~1-2 h


Follow the development guides to learn how to perform the following:

  • …​bootstrap a simple blockchain application.

  • …​create a custom module.

  • …​create a custom plugin.

  • …​configure a blockchain application.

  • …​connect a dashboard to the application.

  • …​write unit tests modules and assets.

Non-fungible token (NFT) Tutorial nft overview 01 home notes

~2-3 h


Learn how to create:

  • …​a blockchain application that allows a user to create, transfer and purchase NFTs.

  • …​3 different transaction assets to create, transfer, and purchase NFTs.

  • …​a custom plugin which adds a new HTTP API that serves NFT-related data to the application.

  • …​a frontend application that allows the user to utilize the blockchain application in the browser.

Social Recovery System (SRS) Tutorial srs overview 01 home

~4 h


Learn how to create:

  • …​a blockchain application that offers users the opportunity to recover their accounts if they have lost their credentials through a social recovery system.

  • …​6 different transaction assets to manage the recovery process.

  • …​2 custom plugins that provide new actions and API endpoints which are helpful in the frontend.

  • …​a frontend application that allows the user to utilize the blockchain application in the browser.

Lisk Name Service (LNS) Tutorial lns overview UI updated name

~4 h


Learn how to:

  • …​create a blockchain application with a module which provides a name service for Lisk addresses. The Lisk Name Service allows users to register domain names for their accounts. It can then resolve the human readable domain names to their corresponding account address, making the domain name a human readable alias for the address.

  • …​create three different transaction assets:

    • Register: To register a new domain name.

    • Reverse Lookup: To define the reverse lookup for an account address.

    • Update Records: To update the records of a domain name.

  • …​connect the Dashboard plugin to interact with the LNS app during development.

  • …​create a plugin that provides a React.js frontend for the LNS blockchain application.

  • …​extend the LNS application CLI with additional commands.

  • …​write unit tests for the newly implemented transactions assets.

  • …​write functional tests for the LNS module.