Lisk Builders Community Online Meetup #2


Lisk Center Utrecht organizes a weekly online community stand-up for the Lisk Community. 

ONLINE EVENT -> Discord: https://discord.gg/EBPz69R


17:00-17:05 - Opening by lisk center
17:05-17:30 - Talk Jong - Leasehold/LDEX
17:30-17:45 - Q&A Talk
17:45-18:00 - Community Get-to-know / 1 minute pitch room


Jong - Leasehold 

Leasehold Token (LSH) is a Deflationary Token designed to consistently increase in value over time. Leasehold aims to emerge as the market leader in short term property rental income generation, where profits are paid to token holders in the form of a deflationary system fair for all. This will allow anyone to take part in the profit making from property and short term rental income by just owning a single token.
Leasehold community will also operate its own DEX called LDEX which will use Lisk (LSK) as the base cryotocurrency for buying and selling Leasehold (LSH) tokens.
LDEX plans to add support for other Lisk sidechain markets in the future as well; the long term plan is to allow LDEX to automatically discover, rank and list new markets by crawling the Lisk network.

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Online event

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