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NewFinance Meetup


Max Kordek spoke at the FinTech Open Mic Night series in New York on February 1st, 2017. The topic of the meetup was Bitcoin: Are we there yet? Not only has Bitcoin survived the last 8 years from when Satoshi's first paper was published, we have had a significant resurgence lately pushing the price to $1000. Is Bitcoin now mainstream and mature? is it here to stay and have the establishment including the Regulators accepted it as a viable alternative to digital fiat currencies? We're going to explore that question in this session.


  • Max Kordek: Co-Founder and CEO of Lisk, a decentralised blockchain application platform.
  • Michael Haley: Operations Manager at AlphaPoint, a leading blockchain technology provider powering digital asset networks around the world.
  • YinFeng Shao: VP of Product at LedgerX, a derivatives exchange and clearinghouse.

Panel Session:

Dmitriy Berenzon hosted an open discussion with both speakers and delegates exploring the presentations so far and the future of Bitcoin

New York

Past event

New York

New York City Hall, 11 Centre St
New York City , 10007
United States

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