Attend and host events, workshops, hackathons and brainstorming sessions.



Brainstorm and develop your blockchain application with the Lisk SDK.


Connect and socialize with developers and blockchain enthusiasts.


Making-of video

The 300 m2 area located on the ground floor offers an open area designed for events and networking, a working space, and a meeting room. Newcomers will learn about blockchain and get a full Lisk experience by trying out the Lisk products and checking the already-built blockchain applications. Working desks, meeting tables, standing desks, and enough space to get creative.

Open Space

This space is created for hosting developer events, learning about Lisk, and networking with other community members. The open space offers open seats, a lunch area, a Lisk Experience table for newcomers to try out Lisk, a 3D printer for creative ideas, and much more.

We also provide our community members with two sound-proof phone booths for calls or remote meetings. The open space provides a stage with a projector, ready to be used for community meetups, workshops, or hackathons, making it a perfect multimedia event location.

Open Space
Working space

Working Space

The working space offers developers 6 fully equipped working desks in a quiet environment. This area is designed for focus-time, ensuring complete concentration and inspiration for developers to develop their own blockchain applications straight from the Lisk Center Berlin. You can also find a brainstorming corner with a whiteboard and the required tools to bring your ideas to life. 

Meeting Room

The meeting room is equipped with a conference table with six chairs, a screen for presentations, whiteboards for brainstorming sessions, and all the required tools for running workshops. This room is also designed to be used in the evenings for ping-pong tournaments, board games sessions or just social activities for community members. 

Meeting Room

Visit Lisk Center Berlin

Köpenicker Strasse 126
10179 Berlin

Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 18:00

Due to the current global pandemic the Lisk Center Berlin will stay closed until further notice.


For newbies in Berlin, a list of recommendations was created. Information about hotels, places to eat, to visit, or to spend your evenings can be found in the PDF below.

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Disclaimer: Lisk Center Utrecht is operated by Stichting Blockchain Promotie and Lisk Center Berlin is operated by Lightcurve GmbH.