Achievements of April 2021

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By Lisk

28 Apr 2021


Supporting LIPs Published

Use message tags and network identifiers for signatures

Published on the Research forum on the 7th of April by our research team, the following supporting LIP introduces the concept of message tags which prevent signature repurposing. The aim is to avoid replay attacks and the re-usage of a signature for a message of a different type. This LIP is part of the "Enhance signature scheme" roadmap objective.

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BLS Signatures

Published on the Research forum on the 13th of April by our research team, the following supporting LIP specifies how to create and validate compact aggregate signatures with BLS within Lisk. The purpose of this LIP is to be prepared for use cases where multisignatures for large sets of signers are required, but the size of concatenated signatures is too disadvantageous. This LIP is also part of the "Enhance signature scheme" roadmap objective.

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Introduce sparse Merkle trees

Published on the Research forum on the 22nd of April by our research team, the following supporting LIP specifies the sparse Merkle tree implementation for the Lisk protocol and the format for inclusion proofs. This LIP is part of the “Define state model and state root” roadmap objective.

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High-level Overview of Lisk Interoperability

On March 31st, we published a blog post providing a high-level overview of Lisk interoperability. The blog post provides a glimpse into the various methods for blockchain interoperability ranging from cross-chain token exchange to general cross-chain messages. In addition, Lisk’s interoperability solution aiming to enable general cross-chain messages was showcased by explaining how this is achieved. The role of the Lisk mainchain and the LSK token has also been covered, as well as an updated set of roadmap objectives.

Furthermore, to clarify some of the community’s most frequently asked questions on this topic, we also hosted an AMA, featuring our Head of Research, Jan Hackfeld, and one of our Research Scientists, Andreas Kendziorra. A full recap of this AMA can be found here. Additionally, you can also check out the article published by Cointelegraph about the high-level overview of Lisk’s interoperability. The major revelation demonstrating our solution for blockchain interoperability will be presented at Lisk.js 2021 on May 21st.

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Build a Social Recovery System with Lisk SDK

In April, we published the SRS (Social Recovery System) tutorial in the Lisk Documentation. This newly added tutorial consists of a step-by-step walkthrough guide on how to create a blockchain application that offers users a new recovery feature. This can be deployed in the event whereby a user has lost or forgotten their passphrase to recover the balance of their accounts. The end goal here was to provide an account recovery tool whereby a user has the option to ask friends to provide access to the funds of a lost account.

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Glossary and Abbreviations Reference Section

This month, we also published a Glossary and Abbreviation reference section in the Lisk Documentation. This gives both the experienced and novice users helpful referenced explanations by providing a concise description of the numerous in-depth technical terms and acronyms. This will further assist both developers looking to build blockchain applications with the Lisk SDK, as well as blockchain enthusiasts looking to expand their knowledge of the Lisk ecosystem.

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Lisk Builders: Interview with Aldo Suhartono Putra

Earlier this month we published a blog post covering an interview with a Lisk Builders program participant, Aldo Sohartono Putra. In the fourth interview of this series, Aldo shares his thoughts and experiences of developing his first blockchain application, Collabolancer. This is an open-source proof of concept decentralized freelancing marketplace, that enables seamless collaboration between employers, workers, and solvers.

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Monthly AMA: Ask Max Anything

On April 8th, Max Kordek, CEO and Co-Founder at Lisk, hosted his monthly AMA (Ask Max Anything), on Max answered numerous questions from community members on a variety of topics including the upcoming Lisk developer-focused event, Lisk.js, the interoperability solution, the monthly financial update, and much more. A blog post covering the full recap of the AMA session can be found here.

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Announcing the Lisk.js 2021 Partners

In March, we published an overview of what you can expect from Lisk.js 2021, the annual Lisk developer-focused event to be held on the 21st and 22nd of May. Additionally, this month we are excited to announce that Cointelegraph, BTC-Echo, BeInCrypto, CoinPost Japan, WeAreDevelopers, Cointelegraph China, and Wachsman have all partnered with Lisk to cover the event.

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Interview with Max Kordek

This month Lisk’s CEO and Co-Founder, Max Kordek, was interviewed live by Benzinga Crypto. Max provided an engaging insight and high-level overview of Lisk’s ecosystem and also explained how Lisk has evolved from its inception in the early days up to the present time. To conclude, he dropped some hints regarding our new innovative interoperability solution, soon to be unveiled in the upcoming Lisk.js event. Watch back the complete interview here.

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