Achievements for February 2022

At the end of each month, we provide an overview of the most important developments, latest news, and progress updates in a single blog post to keep everyone informed and up to date. In February, an important focus was on the Lisk Mobile and Lisk Desktop releases. Read the blog post to find out more about the other important achievements of the months and help us spread the word about Lisk!

By Lisk

28 Feb 2022


The Release of Lisk Desktop v2.2.0

Right at the beginning of February, we released Lisk Desktop v2.2.0. The new version introduces several improvements aimed at improving the wallet’s UX and security.

Predominately, Lisk Desktop v2.2.0 reintroduces the ledger hardware wallet support, which enables users to connect their Ledger devices, namely the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X. This release comes with improved user experience and design enhancements, an improved dynamic fee calculation accuracy. Last but not least, with this version, the Bitcoin support is now removed which allows us to pave the way for the Lisk interoperability in 2022.

Read more about the release in this blog post. More details about this release can be found in the release notes on GitHub.

The Release of Lisk Mobile v2.0.0

Lisk Desktop v2.2.0 wasn’t the only Lisk wallet-related release of February 2022. This month we also introduced the new, re-designed Lisk Mobile.

Lisk Mobile v2.0.0 introduces the main feature of Lisk on smartphones - the convenient sending and receiving of LSK tokens. As we aim to make Lisk Mobile the most accessible wallet for the Lisk ecosystem and give our community the most user-friendly experience interacting with the Lisk wallet, we decided to keep the more advanced features, such as voting or multisignature accounts, only for Lisk Desktop. Therefore, we built an easy-to-use and convenient solution for every smartphone user who wants to manage their tokens in a safe and secure way.

The new Lisk Mobile introduces several improvements related to user experience, design, and security. This release comes with the removal of Bitcoin support. The reasoning for this decision as well as a detailed description of each new feature can be found in the blog post published along with the release.

The Release of Lisk Service v0.6.1

In February, we released a new version of Lisk Service v0.6.1. It enables the download snapshot feature, ensuring users that the index is fully up-to-date after running a fresh instance of Lisk Service.

Moreover, Lisk Service v0.6.1 includes several patches and updates on the total fee calculation algorithm and standby status recognition. It also comprises security fixes with updated dependencies.

All the details of the new Lisk Service release can be found in GitHub release notes.

New LSK Listings

Every new LSK listing serves as an opportunity to increase Lisk’s accessibility and improve its brand awareness among blockchain enthusiasts. In February, the Lisk token was listed on two major exchanges:

  • Huobi Japan: LSK/BTC, LSK/ETH, LSK/YPE trading pairs
  • LSK/USDT trading pair

Another important announcement for our community members, as well as users interested in joining our ecosystem, was the opening of deposits and withdrawals for LSK on the Binance exchange, a highly anticipated update.

New Research Blog Posts

As part of the blog post series about Lisk’s interoperability solution, the research team published two more articles to dive deep into two relevant topics:

  • Recovery of Assets and Messages – This blog post explains how users can recover assets and pending messages from terminated sidechains to the original native chain.
  • Certificate Generation and Consensus – This blog post covers the topic of certificates - the key player in making Lisk’s interoperability secure, as well as the security guarantees of our solution.

A New Supporting LIP on Lisk Research Forum

In February, the research team proposed a new supporting LIP on the Lisk Research Forum – using pre-hashing for time signatures. This feature will allow signing transactions on memory-limited devices such as hardware wallets. Thus, the efficiency of such processes after introducing Lisk interoperability should be significantly increased.

You can read more about the LIP in the Lisk Research Forum thread. We also encourage you to go through other topics on the forum as well – they contain essential information about interoperability-related aspects that give clarity to the foundations of our solution.

Lisk Mobile Twitter Spaces

This month, we hosted our first-ever Twitter Spaces event - a live audio conversation on Twitter. Max Kordek, CEO and Co-Founder, Miguel de Sousa, Community Manager, and Daniel Adepoju, Frontend Developer, hosted an open discussion about our newly-released Lisk Mobile.

Check out the recording of this Twitter Spaces segment to learn more about the Lisk wallet and its functionalities. Make sure to check out Lisk’s official Twitter account regularly so that you won’t miss the upcoming Spaces.

We also encourage you to spread the word about the aforementioned achievements on Twitter. This will contribute to the growth of our community, making Lisk more visible within the blockchain industry and beyond.