Achievements of February 2023

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By Lisk

01 Mar 2023

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Listen how host of Forbes Books Audio Podcast Joe Pardavila chats with Max Kordek, a renowned cryptocurrency entrepreneur and the co-founder of Lisk. Tune into an inspiring story about taking on groundbreaking challenges within the crypto industry – from getting to grips with innovative technologies, through to surviving personal battles - plus find out what’s ahead for blockchain tech!

So hit play already; it's time you jumped aboard this enthralling journey.

Lisk launched the video series to explain blockchain technology

Battling with blockchain concepts like Web3? Try our new series 'Lisk for Dummies', designed to demystify tech jargon in a language we can all understand! Follow us into block-topia as we explain top crypto fundamentals - What is Blockchain? How to use Web3? – it's waiting just around the corner…Watch the full video here!

Muzikie joins the Lisk Grant program

We welcome a new Web3 app, Muzikie, to the Lisk Grant program family! This unique decentralized music streaming platform is all about bringing a refreshing wave of fairness and transparency into the music distribution industry.

Get ready for even more awesome news: starting from April Muzikie will host in Berlin month/bi-monthly meetups where musicians & Web3 engineers can collaborate with each other on how to build an improved music ecosystem. So keep following us and stay updated to get more information!

If you want to know more about this ambitious project, visit the Muzikie website and listen to the recent Twitter Spaces we had with them.

JELLYSPACE co-founder gave an interview to Authority Magazine

The future of space is at your fingertips - with Lisk app Jellyspace! This Berlin-based startup is part of the Lisk Grant Program. It makes Space Technology accessible to the world, providing Software as a Service (SaaS) and Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS).

Read an amazing interview featuring co-founder Jaime Martín Lozanois on Authority Magazine about how space travel can improve Earth's lives. Get inspired by this interactive collaboration platform revolutionizing aerospace industries worldwide - check it out now.