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Achievements of March 2022

At Lisk, every month we provide you with an overview of the most important tech developments, marketing updates, and other news related to our activities. The month of March was a big one for Lisk, with updates continuing to form the discussion around the project. We also had some exciting community-focused events like our first Twitter Spaces Marketing Hangout and an AMA with our Head of SDK Development, Shusetsu Toda.

Therefore, we encourage you to read our monthly achievements blog and stay up-to-date with the Lisk Project’s development!

By Lisk

05 Apr 2022


The Release of Lisk Service v0.6.2

We released Lisk Service v0.6.2 on March 16th. We included the Swiss Franc price ticker and improved the code quality to match our company’s standards. The development team also added several patches related to the delegate list.

Get all the info you need on this release on GitHub.

The Release of Lisk Mobile v2.1.1

Lisk Mobile v2.1.1 fixed issues identified in v2.1.0.

This update allowed users to choose a method of authentication when on the sign-in screen. We are glad to say that this has been resolved and users can now choose which authentication method they prefer at the welcome screen.

Beyond this, logging in with the face scan option led to a blank screen. This too has been looked into and dealt with, you can now use the faceID scanner without a problem.

There was also the issue of having a duplicated amount of your available LSK balance within your Lisk Mobile Wallet. We have removed the duplicated amount and it should now only show a single occurrence of the amount you hold in your wallet.

For more information on this update, please check our release notes on GitHub.

The Release of Lisk Desktop v2.3.0-rc.1

We have also had an update in the form of the release candidate for the new version of the Lisk Desktop - v2.3.0.

This had a variety of fixes including the failure to send the maximum amount, the removal of the arrow on the unclickable locked balance on the dashboard.

An inaccuracy in the distribution of transaction amounts was also an issue which needed to be resolved. We looked into this issue and made suitable adjustments so that the ranges now appear correctly.

Voting errors were also corrected so that editing was allowed, giving greater flexibility to voters and allowing them to have greater decision-making ability in the voting process.

Lastly, the distorted UI balance on the wallet in discrete mode has been removed. All of this was done in preparation for Lisk Desktop v2.3.0, which is currently still in development.

Check out our release notes on GitHub.

New Grant Program Participants

This month two new projects joined the Lisk Grant Program, Bazar, and Faet. Here is what their projects focus on:

Bazar joined the Lisk Grant Program this month, offering a platform for supply chain management of food products. Connecting producers, wholesalers, and forwarders, they aim to increase transparency in the food market. This will help to improve sustainability among the supply lines for greater investment into where our food comes from. We are glad to welcome them on board and wish them all the best going forward. You can get to know the project on their website.

Faet: This GameFi project seeks to solve many of the issues that are currently apparent in this area of tech. Faet has built a GameFi system that incentivizes gamers to engage with free-to-play and play-to-earn mechanics along with on-chain governance for greater community control. They sought out Lisk as it is a much simpler springboard for development and has significantly lower fees associated with it, making the bar of entry easier to pass. Gamers can look forward to the release of Faet for a new experience in GameFi.

As with all participants from previous waves, we are actively helping them along their journey to success and we wish them all luck. We have also seen an increased interest during the fourth wave and many new projects have taken up the opportunity. We look forward to sharing their ideas with you and helping them grow their ambitions.

AMA with Shusetsu Toda

DappRadar held an AMA with our Head of SDK Development Shusetsu Toda. Shu was asked about the Lisk Grant Program that officially ended on the last day of March, about the Lisk SDK, and of course, the future of blockchain as a whole.

Shu certainly gave us a lot to think about. The questions were intriguing questions and we got a deep dive into how developers have new opportunities in blockchain development.

Catch the interview on YouTube.

Marketing Twitter Spaces Hangout

Continuing our community outreach, you had a chance to speak with us in the marketing team this month. We held a live chat over Twitter Spaces in which we introduced ourselves to you and updated everyone on what we were up to.

During a short Q&A at the end, we had the privilege to hear some of you out and answered some of the questions that you had for us. It was a pleasure for us to get to interact with all of you and we hope that the same was true for you.

We enjoyed our hangout with you so much that we are planning more in the future. If you are interested in sharing your thoughts and experiences with us, keep an eye out!

Check out the full Twitter Marketing Hangout if you missed it.

Interview with Mona Bärenfänger

Mona Bärenfänger was interviewed this month and asked about the Lisk Grant Program. She spoke about how Lisk helps to empower developers through this program and provoke new and innovative ideas within the space. They talked about why it is important to have a platform for JavaScript developers to build blockchain systems on and what effect this has had so far.

Read all about it in the full interview.

As you can see we have had a busy month with loads going on! You can always follow us on our socials and never miss a beat, we look forward to hearing from you.