Achievements of October 2020

At the end of each month, we summarize the top news, updates, and achievements of Lisk in a single blog post. Help us spread the word by retweeting all highlights to let more people know about what we are working on. This blog post covers the main achievements of Lisk in October 2020.

By Lisk

28 Oct 2020


Lisk SDK 5.0.0 Alpha Testing Concluded

After all the epics were closed, Lisk SDK 5.0.0 release goals were successfully implemented. Once that was done, the QA phase started and the development moved into alpha testing. During this phase bugs were fixed, missing test cases were added, and the code base was refactored. In the course of four sprints, 65 issues were identified and fixed. With that, the alpha testing of Lisk SDK 5.0.0 was concluded. The next step as part of the QA phase consists of an external security audit which is being conducted at the moment.

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Lisk SDK 5.1.0 GitHub Project Board Created

While the external security audit is being performed, the Lisk development team created a new GitHub project board for Lisk SDK 5.1.0. This release has a total of four goals. The first goal is to create a monitor plugin which will provide utility endpoints and diagnostic information about the node running Lisk Core or any blockchain application.

The second goal is to create a Proof-of-Misbehavior (PoM) plugin which will support node operators in detecting and reporting delegate misbehaviors on the Lisk Mainnet and any blockchain application network. The last two goals of this release consists of adding further tools for our user interfaces and the required integration tests for them. More details about it can be found in the updated blog post which covers the new development schedule for Lisk Core.

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Lisk 1.27.1 for Desktop Released

In October we also released Lisk 1.27.1 for Desktop. The main goal of this release was to improve the overall usability and responsiveness of the user interface of Lisk Desktop. This version brings back the request LSK functionality, fixes issues with the account initialization feature, and solves other visual issues.

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Lisk Mainnet Regenesis

In October, we published a blog post which explains our regenesis approach to tackle the complexity of Lisk Mainnet migration to the new protocol. The blog post covers aspects about account migration, voting in the new DPoS system, and also the explanation of the new genesis block format, part of the Lisk SDK 5.0.0, which is used for the regenesis approach.

On Friday, October 23rd, we hosted a live AMA on where Jan Hackfeld (Head of Research) answered questions from the community members about Lisk Mainnet Regenesis.

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Building the Fit Project

Sebastian published on the Lisk blog a post about the Fit project as part of his participation in the Lisk Builders program.

His project “Fit Market” represents a proof of concept blockchain application for a highly scalable food traceability network and a tool ecosystem around it. The aim of the project is to allow all the food production and supply chain actors to be easily onboarded.

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Announcement of the Monthly Community Hero

Davi Alves ( username: @dav1) was announced as the Community Hero of the month. His contribution to the Lisk ecosystem through the technical support offered to the Lisk community on, as well as the numerous Lisk related articles published in international publications are very much appreciated.

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Participants in the Lisk Builders Program

This month we selected two new participants for the Lisk Builders program. The first project receiving the grant for September 2020 is led by Jurre together with the Moosty Team. His project aims to develop an honest ticketing system, including a ticket marketplace. It tracks the tickets for events on the blockchain to prevent fraudulent ticket resales.

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The second project participating in the Lisk Builders program for September 2020 is conducted by Blackjmxx. His project is a proof of concept blockchain application which aims to create a community platform that connects drivers with free seats with passengers looking for a ride in the same direction. The app will allow direct transactions between the participants and removes intermediaries.

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Lisk at WeAreDevelopers Live Week

On October 8th, Lisk was represented at the online event part of the WeAreDevelopers Live Week by Nazar Hussain with a presentation about Lisk and blockchain applications built with JavaScript. The entire presentation including an in-depth explanation of the new Lisk SDK architecture and the live coding part can be watched in the YouTube video.

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Interview with Max Kordek for

This month, Max Kordek, CEO and Co-founder of Lisk, was interviewed by about Lisk’s biggest updates, the effects of halving, and his crypto portfolio. The interview covers aspects about the beginnings of Lisk, the current team working on the project, our DPoS consensus algorithm, the next big milestone for the development of Lisk - Lisk Core 3.0, and much more. The entire interview article can be read here.

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Blockchain in Health Care

At the beginning of the month, we published the third blog post from the series covering the impact blockchain technology can have on specific industries. This article dives deep into the Health Care topic and showcases the benefits of using blockchain technology for the challenges in this sector. In the upcoming months, more articles about how blockchain technology can be applied at enterprises of various industries will be published and added to the Lisk Enterprises page.

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