Achievements of October 2022

Every month we provide a recap of the most important news, updates, and developments in a single blog post. The month of April was jam-packed with items, such as the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, team interviews, new Lisk Grant Program participants, and much more.

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By Lisk

01 Nov 2022

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Every month the Lisk team provides a recap of the most important news, updates, and developments in a single, convenient blog post. This month saw two new Lisk Improvement Proposals (LIPs), a booth and presentations at the International Javascript conference in Munich, several AMAs, including Binance.US, and much more.

Two New Lisk Improvement Proposals Published

Every upgrade to the Lisk protocol must be submitted through a process called Lisk Improvement Proposals (LIPs). It's the format for proposing improvements to Lisk's products and features. Two new and exciting Lisk Improvement Proposals were published near the end of the month. They are both involved in Lisk's Delegated Proof of Stake Consensus (DPoS).

The first one, LIP: Introduce Reward Sharing Mechanism, defines an on-chain reward sharing mechanism for the Lisk ecosystem. This proposal aims to deliver a fair and transparent distribution of Lisk rewards between delegates and voters. Currently, delegates must make manual interventions to provide these benefits.

Additionally, LIP: Introduce Dynamic Block Rewards Module was also introduced. This one has already stirred up a lot of discussion on the Lisk Research Forum. It aims to improve total value locked (TVL) in Lisk’s consensus by alleviating barriers to efficient participation for large accounts.

International Javascript Conference in Munich

As one of the major sponsors of the International Javascript Conference in Munich, Lisk delivered a lot to the event. Lisk’s participation included a booth at which the team fielded many unique inquiries and built relationships with the Javascript community. There were also two excellent presentations.

For Lisk’s first presentation at iJS Munich, Shusetsu Toda, Lisk’s Head of SDK Development, demonstrated “How to Develop Blockchain Applications with Javascript and the Lisk SDK” which walked through the different capabilities of the Lisk SDK and how to develop Blockchain Applications with JavaScript.

After that, Manu Gowda, Lisk’s Head of Platform Development, gave a keynote speech about “Web3 and the Transition to a Decentralized Web”. He explained how decentralized applications are built on top of blockchain technology and how they will change our lives for the better through global accessibility, transparency and accountability.

Binance.US AMA with Max

Earlier this year, Lisk was officially listed on the Binance.US exchange. On Friday, October 28th, Lisk and Binance.US  built upon their relationship by hosting a Twitter Spaces session together. Lisk’s CEO and Co-founder Max Kordek sat in with Binance.US’s Steve Shay.

Steve and Max discussed numerous topics starting out with a very detailed history of Max’s journey to ultimately leading Lisk. He then explains many of the design choices and challenges of Lisk as well as the many advantages. They continue into many topics such as smart contracts, interoperability, and marketing plans.

Click here for the Twitter Spaces AMA with Binance.US and Max Kordek

Institutional Demand for Cryptocurrencies Global Survey 2022

Lisk partnered with CoinTelegraph to understand how much crypto professional investors own and their future plans.

“The risk-return ratio was the primary consideration when investing in crypto, as 44% of respondents rated this characteristic as “highly important.” Other factors deemed relatively less important were “diversification” and “my company is convinced that the technology will be important in the future.”-- CoinTelegraph

For the entire report on Institutional Demand for Cryptocurrencies, read here.

Lisk x crew3

The crew3 platform is a web3 community that encourages engagement and participation. As we speak, many new community members are working hard to earn some LSK through various tasks and tests. You can find all the action on thanks to an integration of crew3 in the Lisk Discord.

Click here to view Lisk’s page on crew3! 

Bitrue Exchange Listing and AMA

Lisk was officially listed on the Bitrue Exchange on October 11th with a LSK/USDT market. Additionally, a Twitter Spaces AMA was hosted by Bitrue with Max Kordek, Lisk’s CEO and Co-Founder. Click here for a Recap of the AMA 

New Articles and Videos from Benzinga

Benzinga once again featured Lisk in October. Two Benzinga News videos focused on the Lisk Platform and Interoperability, respectively. An article was also published with many quotes from the leaders of the Lisk project.

Lisk Executives Discuss the Future of Blockchain Development And What's In Store For The Growing Lisk Ecosystem

Lisk Platform Launch Video On Benzinga News

Lisk Interoperability Video on Benzinga News

CoinLive AMA with Max

In this interview during the Token 2049 Conference in Singapore, Max Kordek, CEO and Co-Founder of Lisk chats with CoinLive about what Lisk does, the Ethereum Merge, and open-source development.

[[Coinlive Talk] Lisk, the Ethereum Merge, and Open-Source Development Ft. Max Kordek of Lisk](