Achievements of September 2020

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By Lisk

30 Sep 2020


One More Closed Epic of Lisk SDK 5.0.0

So far, 14 epics of Lisk SDK 5.0.0 were closed. One of them was closed in September 2020. The purpose of this epic was to make Lisk Commander network agnostic. Lisk Commander is part of the SDK, therefore it should be network agnostic and available for developers to use as a tool for their own blockchain applications built with the Lisk SDK. More details about the 5 closed issues of this epic can be found on GitHub.

With this last feature epic closed, all Lisk SDK 5.0.0 release goals were successfully implemented. The next step is the QA phase and the goal of this epic is to complete the alpha testing for Lisk SDK 5.0.0 which includes bug fixes, added missing test cases, and the refactoring of the codebase. More details about this epic can be found on GitHub.

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Open-Sourcing Lisk Service

In September, we also open-sourced Lisk Service, a new product joining the Lisk ecosystem. Lisk Service acts as a service layer between blockchain data and user interfaces by providing accessible and powerful new API calls.

Amongst others, we use it to provide Lisk Desktop with enriched data from the Lisk network, such as delegate or network statistics. Blockchain developers are able to set up their own Lisk Service instance to provide their user interfaces rapidly with enriched blockchain or network data. We published a blog post to introduce Lisk Service and it’s functionalities.

As an addition to our blog post, on Monday, September 28th, Michal Tuleja (Lead Backend Developer) hosted a live AMA on about Lisk Service. A blog post including the full recap of the AMA session can be found on the website.

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New LIP published on Research Forum

Shusetsu Toda, Lisk Developer Lead, published a new LIP on the Lisk Research forum. The LIP called “Introduce transaction properties moduleID and assetID” proposes to replace the type property in transaction objects by two new properties called moduleID and assetID. Both properties must correspond to one unique transaction schema, transaction validation, and execution logic.

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Introducing Lisk Tree

In September, we published a blog post that introduces Lisk Tree, the new library that will handle Merkle trees in the Lisk protocol. The blog post provides a crash course into Merkle trees, covering the most important concepts, such as Merkle roots and proof-of-inclusion.

Moreover, the blog post introduces lisk-tree, describing how Merkle trees are implemented in Lisk, and also explains the improvements they bring to the Lisk protocol. On Thursday, September 24th, we hosted a live AMA on where Alessandro Ricottone (Research Scientist) answered questions from the community members about Lisk Tree.

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Building the Lisk Crowd Project

Moosty Team published on the Lisk blog a post about the Lisk Crowd project as part of their participation in the Lisk Builders program.

Their project “Lisk Crowd” represents a proof of concept blockchain application of a crowdfunding platform where investors have more control over their donations. Making use of crowdfunding, a startup can raise money in order to be able to develop a product. The fundraiser has the option to allow periods of voting in which investors can cancel the project. When a project starts the crowdfunding, they must indicate the amount of investment they need per period and how many periods are needed to realize the project.

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Announcement of the Monthly Community Hero

Lisk Japan ( username: @LISKer) was announced as the Community Hero of the month. Their contributions to the Lisk ecosystem by supporting the Japanese community online and offline are very much appreciated.

Some of the important efforts are the translations of the marketing materials and the "What is Lisk" page on in Japanese, as well as the translated articles published by Lisk Magazine.

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Participants in the Lisk Builders Program

This month we selected two new participants for the Lisk Builders program. The first project receiving the grant for August 2020 is led by AlinB. His project called Liskvoice aims to provide a secure private messenger, that utilizes IPFS to store the data of the conversations.

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The second project participating in the Lisk Builders program for August 2020 is conducted by Kasra who is working on this project as part of his internship at Rastak Media Sepehr. His project is a proof of concept blockchain application which aims to create a stablecoin with an algorithmic mechanism to manage supply and demand that is also backed by a decentralized collateral reserve.

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The Opening of Lisk Center Berlin

This month we also announced the opening of the Lisk Center Berlin. This is meant to be a space dedicated to the Lisk community, founded with the idea of bringing together developers and blockchain enthusiasts. More details about the new Lisk Center being built and the opening events can be found in the blog post.

In order to mark the opening of Lisk Center Berlin, the newest addition to the other Lisk Centers around the world, we are hosting the first event for the Lisk community on November 20th. This event will not only introduce the Lisk Center, but it will also cover our latest updates.

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Lisk in the CV VC Top 50 Report

Lisk is again listed in the CV VC Top 50 Report H1/2020, which highlights the diverse blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem which consists of startups, corporations, and government entities. It is an honor to be mentioned among all the other core ventures in the ecosystem in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The full report can be found on their website.

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Interview for the eXponential Finance Podcast

Max Kordek, Co-Founder and President of Lisk, was interviewed by Norbert Gehrke for the eXponential Finance Podcast. The interview covers updates about Lisk Service, Research and Development progress, proof of concepts built by community members through the Lisk Builders program, the opening of Lisk Center Berlin, and much more. The entire interview is available here.

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