AMA Recap: Ask Max Anything in June 2021

On Wednesday, June 2nd, Max Kordek, CEO and Co-founder at Lisk, hosted a live monthly AMA (Ask Max Anything) on his YouTube channel, hosted by Monica Tartau, our Marketing Lead and moderated by Miguel de Sousa, Community Manager at Lisk. Max answered questions about Lisk.js 2021, LSK buyback strategy, future partnerships, and much more.

This blog post includes a recap of some of the questions asked live during our AMA session as well as a snippet of Max’s answers with a direct link into the full answers.

By Lisk

08 Jun 2021


Monica Tartau, our Marketing Lead, opens the AMA:

Welcome everyone to this month’s Ask Max Anything,

Before Max started to answer questions from the community, Monica provided an overview of Lisk’s Achievements for May 2021:

  • Ask Max Anything
  • refreshed website
  • Lisk.js 2021
  • Interoperability solution Published
  • 5th Anniversary of Lisk Network
  • HackOnLisk
  • New Lisk Grant Program
  • First dedicated Marketing AMA

Max, welcome to the AMA!

Max Kordek, our CEO and Co-Founder, starts with the following remarks:

I am super excited to see how it goes and we will try to make it even better in the future.

Some Highlights Include:

BitBay Dynamic: Has the Lisk buybacks for June commenced already?

Max: We announced that we are going to liquidate 300 BTC into USDC, which is a stablecoin. This was concluded at the end of May, so all the BTC are now liquidated and yielded around 15 million USDC. We are working together with BlockFI and Bitcoin Suisse. BlockFi is the provider to lend away these USDC so we can earn passive income. Bitcoin Suisse is our partner in liquidating BTC in USDC and also with the interest earned to purchase LSK tokens back from the market. Listen to the full answer here.

Dreamhouse: Can Lisk become an even more popular blockchain project. If yes, how?

Max: Of course, that’s what I have been working on every day for five years now - to make Lisk a success. With Lisk.js 2019 we revealed the entire research process, we published so many protocol improvements and this year at Lisk.js 2021 we showed that all of these protocol improvements were implemented. We reached our final milestone for the Lisk project - Lisk interoperability. With that we actually proved that we can also deliver on the ICO promise Oliver and I made in 2016. So, yes, I think Lisk is positioned very well to be a success going forward. Listen to the full answer here.

Why are the media partners not writing articles after Lisk.js?

Max:*I think it was quite a sprint before the event getting everything ready in time and organized and it was so much more important to first line up all these announcements before so more people are watching the event. So everything now is coming step by step, we had so many blog posts this week and last week. Listen to the full answer here.

When do the transaction fees become dynamic and not the 0.1 LSK flat rate?

Max: We are currently in the Emerald phase and that comes with the protocol improvements at Lisk.js 2019 - the dynamic fees system, the updated DPoS consensus algorithm, the BFT consensus algorithm, the new address system, etc. This will come in the Lisk Mainnet v3 or Lisk Core 3.0.0 and we are currently finishing up Lisk Desktop 2.0.0-beta.4 which comes with the last missing feature of the multisignature transactions in our wallet. Once this is done, there are still few issues on GitHub which will be handled in the rc version which means that currently it is planned that one sprint is used to fix as many bugs as possible and then build the rc version. We are then able to launch the Testnet v3. Listen to the full answer here.

Key more: How are the applications with the developer incentive program going? Does the dev community resonate well?

Max: We have these 2 programs - one program and one online hackathon going on right now. With the Lisk Grant Program we received a few emails but we saw that it’s not clear enough how people should apply. So we are currently optimizing that right now, but essentially people who want to build something with the Lisk SDK and want to receive the grant, they need to gather first a small team, create a pitch deck as a presentation, create a business plan and then apply as a whole package. For that, I think it is too soon because it’s quite a few materials that need to be created.Listen to the full answer here.

Watch Our AMA Session on YouTube

The live AMA session is fully available, with timestamps for each question and answer, on Max Kordek’s YouTube channel.