AMA Recap: Ask Max Anything in May 2021

On Thursday, May 6th, Max Kordek, CEO and Co-Founder at Lisk, hosted a live monthly AMA (Ask Max Anything) on He answered questions about Lisk.js 2021, upcoming plans for Lisk, partnerships, and much more.

This blog post includes a recap of the live AMA session and features the questions asked by community members, as well as Max’s answers.

By Lisk

07 May 2021


Max opens the AMA:

Hello everyone,

Welcome to this month’s Ask Max Anything! I’m looking forward to new questions, with over 360 people online we have 20% more interest than last time. Amazing! I would like to announce already that my next AMA will be very special as it’s after Lisk.js 2021. Therefore, I’ll host it on YouTube live in video format. Stay tuned.

A few key highlights of the last weeks include:

  • Full agenda of Lisk.js announced
  • Massive media push with advertisements on social media, advertisements on crypto pages, press releases, news articles interviews and conference speeches
  • 5 LIPs published to the Research forum, one already merged onto GitHub
  • New documentation content like the SRS tutorial

I’m ready for your questions!

Rhogan4: Will there still be an announcement about an acquisition? Also I believe it was said that the selling of some of the Bitcoin last month would be explained this month. Anything good going on with the assets sold last month or just expenses?

Max: The acquisition will be revealed before Lisk.js still. We already dropped a hint about it. The financial update is coming at the end of next week which will reveal more information about the 300 BTC liquidation. We are about halfway into the liquidation.

Grandpl: I have a question regarding domain. Did LiskHQ buy this domain? And if so, was it this acquisition you'd mentioned earlier or there's still some nice news to come?

Max: I don't want to spoil the beans. Stay tuned, it isn't too long anymore before we reveal more information about that.

Erothier: What was the driving factor to acquiring the .com domain for Lisk? Is there some larger plan now that you have the domain?

Max: If you mean, we haven't revealed if we have acquired it or not. So let's wait for an official announcement.

Cryptdong: What steps will you take to further extend the Lisk ecosystem and get more and more Blockchain Apps built on/with Lisk?

Max: In my opinion with the upcoming Lisk Grant Program to be announced at Lisk.js we will lay out great incentives for developers to build within the Lisk ecosystem. It will be a land of milk and honey for developers, they can cherry pick great ideas from Ethereum and port them over to the Lisk ecosystem. Blockchain technology is not going away anymore, it's here to stay. That means from now on until a long time into the future there will be growing demand for development tools. Look at internet technologies, e.g. tools like React.js or Node.js were developed well after 2000. Nobody believed that technologies coming after 2000 to the internet would be late to the party. There is constant demand for innovation and we are well positioned to continue to provide innovation within the blockchain industry.

Lis-zou: Hi Max, I know that Lisk comes from Obelisk, but why did you name it Lisk?

Max: Easy, catchy name. It had the .io domain available. It had no trademarks registered on it. Also, Lisk is a gem so it was the perfect name.

DmianM87PL: When Binance?

Max: Already on it. If you mean BinanceUS, well that I don't know at the current time. We are working on it, but it's difficult to get onto US exchanges as I've discussed in the past already.

Futurewind: What's the last amazing song or album you have heard lately? What has been your latest source of wisdom or inspiration?

Max: 1. I'm either listening to the HYPED playlist on Apple Music or to good old classics. After arriving Tuesday evening in Germany I listened during my breakfast on Wednesday to the Beatles. That's a tradition in my apartment.

2. For the past five months I was traveling in Indonesia and the USA. I met amazing people which inspired me a lot and gave me quite a motivation boost. It was a great experience and I'm more than hyped now (pun intended :P) for the next few years at Lisk.

Silver_fox89:Hey Max Kordek, besides Lisk.js 2021, could you elaborate in detail how Lisk’s marketing is doing? Personally I haven’t seen anything new on YouTube i.e. by influencers. I believe it would give Lisk great exposure if Bitboy Crypto or CoinBureau talk about it.

Max: Besides Lisk.js which has our main focus currently:

  • Interviews: e.g. Benzinga Crypto, EKMH Innovation;
  • Conference speeches: e.g. Incrypted;
  • Press releases: e.g. on NewsBTC, Cointelegraph, BeinCrypto;
  • News articles: e.g. on Cointelegraph, Coinpost, TheBlock.
  • Contests: e.g Monthly ranking competition on, Meme contest on Reddit, Twitter, Discord;
  • Advertisements: e.g. on LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook;
  • Misc: e.g. my YouTube channel, more video content for Lisk on social media, my AMAs and a few announced things still coming in the coming weeks.

Erouthier: Has there been any progress in onboarding additional exchanges for US residents? I am aware we have Kraken, but others would be great.

Max: We have contacted five law firms, two expressed that they cannot provide legal opinions. We have now contacted a Swiss law firm as well who could help us out. This is a very challenging topic, so let's see. For now there is no update on this.

Art: Hi Max. When will the Multichain feature on Lisk be ready? Do you have any approximate dates?

Max: We never give any dates. Its implementation will begin after Lisk.js at which all research will be published. It's shaping up nicely.

Borro4uu: Looking at top 10 exchanges, Lisk is listed on only three. Is there any movements to add LSK on other large exchanges, besides Coinbase?

Max: Taking a look at the top 10 exchanges on Coinmarketcap we are listed on Binance, Huobi, Kraken, Kucoin. So that's four if I didn't make a mistake. If we extend it to the top 20, we are also on Bittrex, Poloniex, OKEx, bitFlyer, Coincheck. So a total of 9 of 20. That's not bad! Some of the others seem feasible, let them know that you want to see LSK.

Bagdonex: Hello Max! When Lisk Core 3.0?

Max: After Lisk.js, but still this year. We have just launched the #testnet-migration channel to coordinate some early tests with the Testnet delegates. We are moving consistently forward.

Ascott: Is it possible to list LSK on Robinhood?

Max: Everything is possible. However, I don't know if LSK would be the primary choice for them. Let them know that you want to see LSK on their app. I don't have any information about this.

Steve G: With so many 1st layer blockchains around, many of them improving on current blockchain issues like fast speed, cheap transactions, usability etc. how would you describe your current selling point. What is the Unique selling point of Lisk Today?

Max: Flexibility, customizability, simplicity, accessibility. We are well positioned, have great funding, are totally independent (no VCs in our backs) and can therefore focus on our products. This will compound at one point and will provide developers with a powerful ecosystem to build blockchain applications in.

TonyT908: Oliver has been giving updates periodically on the progress regarding the Lisk Desktop upgrade, but what's your own thoughts on it? How's progress coming?

Max: The implementation of Lisk Desktop 2.0.0 is certainly taking longer than initially assumed. Some of it is due to edge cases popping up in the UI, others are due to human resources in the current pandemic. Ultimately, it's just a big job which needs to be done. Don't forget Lisk Desktop 1.28.0 and Lisk Mobile 1.4.1 which got in the way. However, we are moving consistently forward. Beta.3 is nearly ready. Beta.4 in active development. Then RC will be worked on during which most bugs will be sorted out. We are getting there. The recent progress was great, as you see with the #testnet-migration channel we are moving forwards with our preparations.

Tendro: Hello, given the Lisk protocol (with upcoming interoperability) has now strong theoretical specification with LIPs - do the Lisk Foundation plans to fund, as a grant or whatever, alternative to lisk-core implementation of the Lisk protocol? It would bring additional security and reliability for the network. Best!

Max: Not before we have developed Lisk SDK 6.0.0 (version number tentative) which comes with Lisk interoperability. Afterwards, maybe.

Splatters: The Pantos team has been working on an Interoperability solution since years like Lisk, do you have any thought or had any collaboration about finding a solution together? Lisk now is going to bring a solution on Lisk.js but we don't know how long it will takes to put in working code, while Pantos for what I know is still looking for a solution. So a collaboration could bring benefit to both?

Max: We have not worked together here. I'm not sure what their progress is but we are trying to build an ecosystem, not just interoperability. So ours need to be Lisk centric. Everyone working on this topic however is great for the blockchain industry, so I'm wishing them continued much success.

Zi0mal515: How do you want to encourage businesses to use Lisk?

Max: I believe that we need to attract new businesses into Lisk. All the revolutionary and big dApps on Ethereum (e.g. Uniswap, Makerdao, USDC, Aave etc.) are coming from new businesses, not from established enterprises. I think that this is the way to go. Our Lisk Grant Program to be announced at Lisk.js will go a long way here. We are also looking into other options like a Lisk Enterprise Program, but these are just ideas yet. I think this is the case, because blockchain technology is a paradigm shift.

Korben3: Something I was always wondering, who chose the cool company name Lightcurve and why that name?

Max: **Oliver chose that. He discovered the name and thought it's a pretty cool name. Essentially, like light can be broken into its individual colors through a prism, we can break the Lisk SDK into individual blockchain applications. I made that up, we just thought it's a cool name.

Unicone: All coin’s managers pay fees to enter in exchanges? Shouldn’t Lisk do the same thing?

Max: We can't legally pay exchanges a listing fee. I also don't see the reason, we are listed on 9 out of 20 of the biggest exchanges in the world. That's plenty. Let's build our product first. For the US market that's different, however, here exchange listing fees don't exist as far as I know.

Siur: Are there any plans to buyback Lisk?

Max: More information will be provided in our next financial update.

Chocoblocko: Hello, do you have plans to mitigate any risk of dumping Lsk by the wallet receiving all of the collision attacks?

Max: No. The total amount of LSK stolen wouldn't affect the price too much at this point. Our order books are good, at least on Binance or Kraken.

MrV: Have you looked at Phemex Exchange?

Max: I don't know them. Will take a look.

Pufpuf91: Can we try to be on Swissborg?

Max: I know the founder, I will take a look.

Lis-zou: I think about the direction of Lisk, I feel that it would be a good idea to join forces with a huge platformer. (For example, GAFAM.) Is there a possibility that you will consider such an initiative in the future?

Max: At one point, yes very likely. However, we don't even have our product released yet. Doesn't make sense to approach them. They would suck our human resources dry.

Punkrock: Any news on new frontend devs joining Lightcurve?

Max: There have been three interviews this week. I don't have the latest information. It's been challenging. If anyone knows good frontend developers, please send them to us!

Pufpuf91: How long will the fuse on the lisk site last?

Max: 🌑🚀

Ultrafresh: Sounds like your trip to the USA went well! Can you reveal any more details? You mentioned gauging the developer community. What was the sentiment like from people you met, was there particular interest in Blockchain or Lisk?

Max:It was certainly a nice trip. Los Angeles and Miami were great. Overall, I'd say Miami is becoming a new hot spot for tech. Los Angeles still has the advantage of having Silicon Valley around the corner, even though its importance is decreasing. The USA has a huge amount of good developers so it's a very interesting market for Lisk and we are further investigating our options there. Literally everyone and their uncle was into blockchain. From models, to photographers, to Uber drivers to whatever. Literally everyone is invested.

Dav1: Is it possible to list LISK on Trust Wallet?

Max: Will take a look.

Tendro: I would also expand this question to other protocol components like alternative wallets.

Max: This will be part of our upcoming Lisk Grant Program. Stay tuned, more information at Lisk.js!

Markfrommiami: Can you comment on how Lisk compares with others such as Dot, ADA, Waves, etc. I think it would help greatly if we had some sort of chart listing the features of each and what we can do better (If anything).

Max: Yes, that's a great idea which is already on our list. Something for later this year.

Silver_fox94: Max Kordek is there any reason you do not want YouTube influencers to promote lisk? I think this would be highly welcome by the community

Max: It's planned and it will come. Just takes a while to get it going, we started our external marketing from 0 to 100. If you see what we are working on in terms of marketing (see my other message above) then you understand that we couldn't kickstart everything at once. We have limited human resources.

Dbradshaw: Max Kordek, does it worry you that Lisk and the Crypto space in general has garnered a lot of 'moonboys' who just see your job as shilling your product as opposed to creating a serious technological business? Putting the Cart before the horse as it were.

Max: Yes. It makes everyone's life (and work) harder, distracts and puts focus on something artificial. We need real value, not an increasing price. We need to put humanity first, not individual interests. I think we have our balance and priorities right.

Max: Alright everyone! That wraps it up. Thank you very much for your great questions today.

Just to remind everyone about our announcements just today:

I think that's astonishing! The Lisk and Lightcurve teams are doing a tremendous job right now. We are firing from all cylinders!

See you next month on the live AMA on YouTube. Looking forward to it.