AmpliFire 2021 – Event Highlights

AmpliFire was our first event designed to suit everyone – not only technical individuals. On December 2nd, we wanted to target a broader audience with our message – blockchain enthusiasts, investors, entrepreneurs, and everyone fascinated by the crypto and blockchain industry. It was also the chance to present our vision for 2022 and beyond and announce significant partnerships, initiatives, and news. We wanted to showcase that Lisk remains active and … on fire.

AmpliFire served as a perfect ignition to fuel Lisk’s fire and “awaken the sleeping giant”. So, without further ado, let’s recap the most important moments and announcements from the 1st edition of AmpliFire.

By Lisk

08 Dec 2021


AmpliFire agenda

We wanted AmpliFire to be a dynamic, entertaining yet straight to the point event, so we decided to show you only the pick of the litter of our announcements. The event was divided into 7 sections:

  1. Max Kordek - What is Blockchain & Why Lisk
  2. The Case for Lisk - blockchain apps built on Lisk
  3. Miguel de Sousa – HackOnLisk2 prizes and summary
  4. Lisk in Retrospect
  5. Shusetsu Toda, Manu Nelamane Siddalingegowda, Jan Hackfield - Research & Development plans
  6. Monica Tartau - Marketing plans
  7. Max Kordek - The Ultimate Vision for Lisk

Let’s go through each segment!

Max Kordek – What is Blockchain & Why Lisk

Firstly – In order to showcase to the world why Lisk is “the way to go” in the context of blockchain applications, we had to clearly state the advantages of its platform and products.

Why Lisk then?

  • First of all, because of its accessible SDK that enables developers to develop blockchain applications simple and fast.
  • Lisk also solves the scalability problem of blockchain applications by introducing the “one blockchain application on one blockchain” principle.
  • And last but not least, Lisk solves the interoperability problem with its Lisk Interoperability Solution that finished its research phase and is currently in development.

The Case for Lisk - blockchain applications built on Lisk

During AmpliFire four Lisk Grant Program participants were presented:

  • Colecti: an NFT marketplace powered by Lisk
  • Kalipo: a platform to support DAOs
  • Enevti: a decentralized social media NFT platform
  • DoEdu: a blockchain-based educational platform

Miguel de Sousa – HackOnLisk2 prizes and summary

The startups mentioned above weren’t the only blockchain applications mentioned during the AmpliFire. During the event, we also awarded prizes to the winners of the – the second edition of the online hackathon for the Lisk ecosystem.

Our community manager, Miguel de Sousa (who also was in charge of conducting the whole conference), presented winners in 3 categories:


  • $10,000 - Piggy Bank


  • $10,000 - Dungeons & Beddows
  • $8,000 - Reelinvaders
  • $6,000 - Doom on Lisk

Community Choice Awards:

  • $4000 - Piggy Bank
  • $2000 - Doom on Lisk

We also gave 2 special Partner Awards:

  • $4000 from Binance: Reelinvaders
  • $2000 from DappRadar: Dungeons & Beddows

Lisk in 2021

Before we move to the most important announcements for 2022, let’s recap the past year using some numbers:

Development statistics of 2021:

  • 29 LIPs implemented
  • 25 new LIPs published
  • 9,500 commits

Marketing statistics of 2021:

  • 200,000 Twitter followers
  • 70 blog posts
  • 4 Grant Program participants
  • 200 submissions for HackOnLisk<

Token statistics of 2021:

  • 160,000 LSK bought back
  • 23,000,000 LSK locked
  • 1,500 LSK burned

But if you want to move in time a bit further back – don’t forget to check the Lisk Looking Back Video presented during AmpliFire:

Shu, Manu, and Jan – Lisk Research & Development plans

Shusetsu Toda, Manu Nelamane Siddalingegowda, and Jan Hackfield were the next ones to present during AmpliFire. The Research & Development segment started with the Lisk SDK Release Plan 2022 – aiming for the production release at the end of the year.


What are the essential features of the upcoming Lisk SDK v6?

  • The Lisk Interoperability Solution to develop interoperable blockchain applications
  • New consensus algorithm (Proof of Authority) module
  • New NFT module that provides native NFT support
  • More improvements for developers (Powerful new architecture, Increased modularization, Improved plugin implementation, Consistent naming standards)

We’ve also announced the official launch of the Lisk platform in 2022. It will include such features as:

  • Registering blockchain applications developed with Lisk SDK
  • Transferring tokens and NFTs between all blockchain applications (i.e., interoperability)
  • Use blockchain applications

Moreover, 3 more development announcements were made by Manu:

  • Lisk Mobile with the Lisk v3 full support
  • Ledger Support
  • Rosetta integration

And if it’s not enough, Jan Hackfield, PhD, our Head of Research, announced new research objectives for 2022:

  • Reward sharing mechanism
  • Direct sidechain channels

Lisk Interoperability Solution is closer than you may think!

Monica Tartau – Loud Marketing in 2022

For many of you, AmpliFire was all about the marketing announcements. That’s why we decided to extend Monica’s, our Head of Marketing presentation, compared to the previous speakers. Just to make sure that all of the information about our loud marketing plans for 2022 was mentioned. So, let’s start with the more strategic ones:

  • New target audience – apart from Developers, we want to target also Users
  • Structured and clear marketing goals – messaging, awareness, dev outreach, and user outreach
  • 5x increased marketing budget
  • Increased team size

And now let’s go through the most important marketing tactics for 2022:

  • A new user-focused website
  • Lisk Knowledge Base (based on the famous Lisk Academy)
  • Lisk TikTok & Lisk Telegram
  • Lisk Branded Twitter Emoji (already done! 💪)
  • Lisk Ambassador Program
  • Lisk Developer Program
  • Lisk Merchandise Store
  • New Community Competitors

We’ve also announced the following year’s events…

  • Lisk.js 2022
  • HackOnLisk3 & HackOnLisk4
  • Lisk Platform Launch Event

… and prestigious partnerships:

  • Lisk x Binance
  • Lisk x DappRadar
  • Lisk x Wachsman
  • Lisk x Ninja Promo
  • Lisk x WeAreDevelopers

Lisk marketing in 2022 is going to get really loud!

Max Kordek – The Ultimate Vision for Lisk

Every event needs a solid and memorable ending. Therefore, Max Kordek decided to walk to the stage once more and present The Ultimate Vision for Lisk. The Vision that should serve as a business, marketing, and technological compass and show us direction for the upcoming years. Its primary statement is clear:


And the main elements are stronger than ever before:

  • We will build a Fiat On-Ramp for LSK
  • We will create a Lisk DEX and enable developers to create exchanges for Lisk
  • We will create Lisk Bridges and thus implement Lisk Interoperability Solution
  • We will expand our Team’s size (from less than 40 to over 80 people)
  • We will establish new revenue streams
  • We will make Lisk Foundation sustainable

AmpliFire – what next?

The aim of AmpliFire was to “awaken the sleeping giant of Lisk '' and show not only technical individuals – but a broader audience – that we remain active and … on fire.

Even though we are on the path of high-speed growth and development and don’t plan to slow down at any point, the subsequent AmpliFire editions may actually come in handy. It’s a great opportunity to remind everyone “where we are now” and show “where we want to be” in the following months and years.

So everyone, stay tuned!