Announcing Lisk Testnet v3 Migration

We are pleased to announce that the Lisk Testnet v3 migration will occur on the block height 14,075,259 which will be approximately reached on 1st of July, 2021, as all of our products such as Lisk Core v3.0.0-rc.0, Lisk Desktop v2.0.0-rc.0, Lisk Service v0.4.0-rc.0, and the Lisk Migrator v1.0.0-rc.0 are ready.

The Lisk Testnet is an invaluable tool as its main function is to enable all relevant upgrades to be tested publicly first before they are released into production onto the Lisk Mainnet. Essentially, the Lisk Testnet can be defined as an independently deployed testing network which to a large extent simulates the actual Lisk Mainnet.

By Lisk

23 Jun 2021


Testnet Migration

As stated before, the Lisk Testnet migration will occur on the block height 14,075,259 which will be reached approximately on the 1st of July, 2021. The exact time is dependent on the current Testnet conditions and how reliably new blocks are being created. With the migration, all the protocol improvements introduced with the Lisk SDK v3.0.0, v4.0.0, and v5.0.0 will be functional on the Lisk Testnet.

Please be advised that the pre-migration delegate selection will persist until the block height 14,137,059 which will be reached approximately one week after the Lisk Testnet migration. Your new votes will only be applied once the new Lisk Testnet has been running for a period of one week. This delayed transition ensures that the network is still performing correctly as we implemented an updated change in our delegate selection mechanism.

Once migrated, the Lisk Testnet can be used by developers and users to prepare themselves for the upcoming Lisk Mainnet migration. For that, we recommend reading the Actions Required for the Upcoming Mainnet Migration blog post. To get a better understanding of what comes next, please read our Next Steps for Lisk Development blog post.

At this juncture, it is important to mention that there won’t be immediate support available for the Lisk Mobile and the hardware wallets at the time of the Lisk Testnet and Lisk Mainnet migrations. Additionally, we will replace the Lisk Explorers with new explorer functionalities inside Lisk Desktop and two community developed explorers, namely Lisk.Observer and LiskScan. To access all information from the current Lisk Testnet and Lisk Mainnet we will deploy a legacy version of the Lisk Explorer for Testnet and Mainnet. Be advised, these links will only become available after the migrations.

After the Lisk Testnet migration has been successfully performed, we will shut down the Lisk Betanet v4 and Lisk Betanet v5. Consequently, we will proceed with the testing of all new features on the public Lisk Testnet and start preparations for the Lisk Mainnet migration.

If you are running a Lisk Testnet delegate please follow our migration documentation to ensure no downtime occurs with your Testnet delegate. In case you have a Lisk Mainnet delegate, then this is the perfect test run for you to ensure that everything is functioning correctly for the upcoming Mainnet migration.

What Comes With The Update?

The migration to Lisk Testnet v3 and Lisk Mainnet v3 comes with an extensive list of new features and improvements to the Lisk protocol. Please see the All Research up to Blockchain Interoperability Completed blog post which provides a complete overview. We have not only just focused on new features, but also put a lot of emphasis on polishing the code base, hence making it more efficient, secure, and faster. To find out more details regarding the performance improvements please read the Benchmarking Lisk Core v3.0.0 against v2.1.6 blog post.