Announcing Lisk.js 2021

We are officially announcing the next Lisk.js, our annual Lisk developer-focused event, open to all developers, blockchain enthusiasts, and community members globally. We are proud to bring you up to date with all of Lisk’s latest news, achievements, and roadmaps into 2021 and beyond.

By Lisk

17 Mar 2021

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As Lisk.js 2019 was an outstanding success, bringing together a myriad of developers and blockchain enthusiasts, we decided to host Lisk.js 2021 as a two-day virtual event, featuring talks from Lisk team members, in conjunction with members from our esteemed Lisk community who have been building blockchain applications with the Lisk SDK.

Lisk.js will return on May 21st - 22nd, 2021 and it will be hosted fully online, so everyone can remain safe and healthy. Therefore, the event will be live-streamed from the stage in the Kühlhaus venue in Berlin. Our two-day event will feature a packed agenda comprising the latest cutting-edge and in-depth presentations by our research, development, and marketing teams.

These talks will include the latest updates, a deep-dive into the Lisk interoperability solution, our upcoming online hackathon, live demos, our newly improved Lisk Developer program, the blockchain applications showcase from our Lisk core community members, and much more.

Event Format

The main focus of Lisk.js 2021 will be on Lisk’s interoperability specifications. Our main goal was to deliver a scalable and decentralized blockchain interoperability solution for the Lisk ecosystem. During the event, all interoperability LIPs (Lisk Improvement Proposals) will be unveiled, as well as the plans for research and development moving further forward into 2021.

The Lisk.js 2021 two-day event has been designed to cater to all levels of technical knowledge and experience, including newcomers into the Lisk ecosystem, as well as blockchain enthusiasts, and development professionals. Therefore, to cover all the relevant topics we decided to split the agenda over a two-day period.

The first day will be dedicated to showcasing Lisk’s interoperability solution, the new Lisk research roadmap, the latest development announcements, and the upcoming online hackathon. In addition, Max Kordek, our CEO and co-founder of Lisk, will give a keynote speech about our achievements and a new era of Lisk, coupled with Lisk’s vision for the future.

The second day of the event will consist of in-depth Lisk interoperability solution presentations, developer demos, and community talks.

Key Highlights

  • Explanation of the Lisk interoperability solution coupled with revealing all corresponding LIPs.
  • Announcement of more information about the Lisk Core 3.0.0 release with 28 LIPs implemented and many other improvements.
  • Showcase of the Lisk SDK 5.1.0 with the greatly improved developer experience.
  • Introduction of the new Lisk Developer program.
  • Announcement of our upcoming online hackathon.

Preliminary Agenda

May 21st: Lisk.js 2021 Opening (6pm - 9pm CET)

6:00pm - 6:10pm: Max Kordek - Introduction to Lisk.js 2021

6:10pm - 7:05pm: Research team - Introduction to the Lisk Interoperability Solution

7:05pm - 7:15pm: Jan Hackfeld - Announcing the New Lisk Research Roadmap

7:15pm - 7:20pm: Break

7:20pm - 7:35pm: Development team - Development Announcements and Updates

7:35pm - 7:45pm: Development team - Improving the Lisk SDK Developer Experience

7:45pm - 7:55pm: Monica Tartau - Announcing the Lisk Developer Program and Online Hackathon

7:55pm - 8:15pm: Max Kordek - CEO Keynote Speech

8:15pm - 8:20pm: Break

8:20pm - 8:50pm: Q&A

May 22nd: In-depth Research & Development Presentations (11am - 5pm CET)

11:00am - 2:00pm: Research team - Lisk Interoperability Solution Deep-Dive

2:00pm - 4:00pm: Development team - Developing Blockchain Applications with the Lisk SDK

4:00pm - 5:00pm: Blockchain Applications Showcase by the Lisk Community

The complete agenda including all of the speakers will be announced in the upcoming weeks on the Lisk.js 2021 event page, as well as on all our social media channels.

Lisk.js 2021, the annual developer-oriented event organized by Lisk, will bring blockchain enthusiasts, developers, community members, and journalists together from all around the world. We expect to have a multitude of viewers tuning into the live-streaming event on our official Lisk YouTube channel.

Ensure you don’t miss this informative event by subscribing to our channel and register online to get regular updates. Lisk.js 2021 promises to be a remarkable event for Lisk and our community. We look forward to sharing this special occasion with all of you.

We would like to thank our event and media partners, BTC-Echo, BeInCrypto, Wachsman, for their support and commitment.