Everything You Need to Know About Lisk’s New Website

Lisk is all about blockchain accessibility. We’re always working out new ways to make our assets as intuitive to use and as dynamic to adapt as possible. With this in mind, we are happy to announce the result of a collaboration between Lisk and design agency Netguru – a new website for the Lisk brand.

The main purpose of the new, refreshed visual style and website is to help Lisk be more responsive to a growing blockchain application platform. In this blog, we will point out the main changes that you can look forward to.

By Lisk

31 Oct 2019


New Website Allows Us to Support a Rapidly Growing Lisk Ecosystem

With new proof-of concept blockchain applications being built weekly, our website needs to be ready to quickly onboard new modules and generate more pages. A migration to a new content management system (CMS), Drupal, allows us to quickly align our website to showcase new projects being built on Lisk, spotlight community member’s initiatives like Lisk Centers around the globe, or grow our upcoming Developer Relations platform.

Most-Searched Lisk Academy Pieces Will Be Repurposed Into Series on the Built-in Blog

The new website will be built out to accommodate our growing developer community and resources. We have decided that, in line with this new strategy, we will discontinue the static Lisk Academy pages and instead use its highest performing articles to grow out our new built-in blog. This will decrease our reliance on an increasingly restrictive Medium which has seen an exit of major developer publications like HackerNoon. This approach also allows us to use time and manpower resources spent on maintaining Lisk Academy on more developer-focused parts of the new website.

Website’s New Identity is More Appealing to Developers and Mainstream Users

If you use our cryptocurrency wallets, or follow our GitHub, you would have noticed elements of the new visual style, now fully featured on our website, being introduced in the last few months. The animations, color codes and everything else that makes up our new platform have been chosen to appeal to developers increasingly interacting with our recently released SDK as well as non-technical mainstream users. They have been decided based on internal developer and user surveys, using the design experience of the Lisk Design Team and the award-winning Netguru agency.

We hope you enjoy the new website, if you have any feedback don't hesitate to drop by our Discord to share your opinion with us.