Financial Update for March 2021

Every month the Lisk Foundation provides a financial report in which monthly expenditures are transparently broken down.

By Lisk

08 Apr 2021


Total Assets Held

An overview of all fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and managed assets currently in possession of the Foundation is illustrated below.


Monthly Expenditures

This overview shows the expenditures Lisk Foundation had during the last month. We have categorized all expenses into three categories.



Includes all marketing-related expenditures such as public relations, influencers, merchandise, events, advertisements, Lisk Centers, and giveaways.


Includes all operational expenses of the Lisk Foundation such as salaries of management, finance and legal, office, contractors like law firms, accountants, and auditors, as well as taxes.


Equals the monthly invoice from Lightcurve to the Lisk Foundation. The sum is calculated through a daily rate per employee and encompasses every service Lightcurve is providing. The daily rate only applies to employees of the Research, Development, and Marketing departments. Employees of the Operations department are not paid extra.


Includes all costs of the Research team members at Lightcurve who are working on the Lisk Improvement Proposals.


Includes all costs of the Development team members at Lightcurve who are working on Lisk Core, Lisk SDK, Lisk for Desktop, Lisk for Mobile, and Lisk Service.


Includes all costs of the Marketing team members at Lightcurve who are working on all facets of, manage public relations, organize, and attend events, conduct business development, create designs, and manage all promotions of Lisk.


All operational costs of Lightcurve, such as taxes, office, hardware and software, servers, accounting, and legal, as well as the operations and management team members are covered by the daily rate through the research, development, and marketing departments.

Disclaimer: All information contained in our monthly Financial Updates is of informational value only. Differences from their actual state may occur due to time variances of the booking of expenses and inflows. Thus, this information cannot serve as an accurate reference point for the Lisk Foundation finances.