Introducing the Lisk Builders Program

In 2019 the new Lisk Builders program was launched, with a view to offering an opportunity for developers to receive support for building proof of concept blockchain applications using the Lisk SDK. The program is designed to engage the Lisk community in building industry specific applications, which will in turn further inspire both developers and businesses.

Every month up to two eligible proof of concept blockchain applications are selected and each of them receives a one-time funding amount of 2,500 CHF. Besides the financial incentive, the Lisk Builders program offers other benefits such as technical support through the Lisk Dev forum, community support on, as well as marketing support through our social media channels and Lisk website.

By Lisk

15 Apr 2020




  • Ideas of proof of concept blockchain applications can be gathered through brainstorming of problems solved with blockchain technology.
  • Other blockchain applications built with the Lisk SDK can be used to provide both inspiration and motivation.
  • Active community members are encouraged to participate.


  • The application for the Lisk Builders program can easily be completed by using the form.
  • The monthly deadline for applications is the last Sunday of each month.


  • Once the participant is selected on the Monday after the application deadline, an on-boarding call is planned to discuss the requirements.
  • Each participant is required to undergo a Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure for receiving the funding. This requires the following KYC details: full name, residential address, Lisk wallet address and a valid scan of a passport or ID. In addition, a grant agreement between the Lisk Foundation and the participant needs to be signed.
  • The selected participants are not allowed to disclose their participation before the official announcement made by Lisk.


  • All proof of concept blockchain applications must be developed on their own blockchain using the Lisk SDK.
  • The proof of concept has to be delivered with a minimal user interface.
  • If the participant experiences problems, it is advisable to get help on the Lisk Dev forum.
  • It is preferred to receive regular project updates in the Lisk community channels.
  • The finalized proof of concept application has to be delivered within a 6-week timeframe.


  • In order to successfully complete the project, the participant has to write a blog post including a concise explanation of the proof of concept, the code used, and the end solution achieved.


  • The blog post written by the participant will be published on the Lisk blog.
  • From a marketing perspective, Lisk will tweet about the project, and will also list the proof of concept blockchain application on the Lisk website.


  • The project owner will only receive the grant after the code is published, followed by a demo, together with a blog post.
  • The participant is required to give Lisk the rights for presentation and demonstration purposes.


The overview below showcases a list of different industries in which blockchain technology use-cases exist. As these suggestions have the goal of inspiring developers, it is not compulsory to choose one of these industries for creating a proof of concept blockchain application. As we would like to build a general purpose blockchain SDK, we prefer to receive submissions for diverse industries.

  • Identity
  • Gaming
  • Real estate
  • Energy and sustainability
  • Government and public sector
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Media and entertainment

More information about the program and the application procedure can be found on our page for the Lisk Builders program.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions!